Show Re-Cap for Friday 7/12/2013

Disclaimer, or something. I got really busy over the weekend and didn’t get a moment to properly write the re-cap so i posted my notes so there was something and I would go back and “fill in the blanks.” Then bitPimps gave me shit on Tuesday’s recap and I looked over my notes I posted and figured, what the hell, these are pretty funny and now all you guys can see how I work. So here you go, enjoy the fruits of my groin you pervs!


(Redo the intro) Ellis isn’t into Pearl Jam anymore. He can’t poo without wipes unlike Josh Stinky Ass Richmond. He’s happy for people who are happy about their shits. Ellis thinks his life isn’t real, like maybe it’s a fantasy, caught in a landslide (look up lyrics) Feels weird about step mom. Better metal on metal song, Anvil or the crap Josh picked? Josh is starting to think he can beat Tiger in a bike race. Maybe if Ellis wears rollerblades he’ll race. New idea, rollerblade race then josh races tiger. Don’t ever use the phrase rimjob, women find it offensive. Tongue punching her turd cutter is a much better way of putting it.

Oh yeah, it’s Tully’s birthday. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy was looking at his own uncertified Sirius intern journal entry page in his fancy shirt. Show ideas, Doggy News, Sex position or street drug game, I Love The Show a segment for callers just to call in and say they love the show, Breaking World Records, In Theatres, Ask Satan, and a about a gazillion other mediocre ideas with a couple turds to polish mixed in. Also apparently the interns aren’t supposed to get coffee and food for the staff.

Music video by Corey Feldman ( ) It was sponsored by a glowing energy drink. Sharknado was a massive hit, on twitter. It was an incredible terrible movie and that is what made it so great. People are finally understanding how good some things so bad can really be. Nick and Nikki from Chicago (he sent in the Hulk hands) are visiting the studio and they are getting married tomorrow so congratulations to your asses. Nikki is also going to try to match Rawdog and do the same workout as him on his final day of the Onnit Pral Challenge. And for the next thirty minutes every guy listening is sitting around their radio listening witha boner trying not to be creepy but failing miserably.

Women am I right, Lady solicits the murder of her husband on hidden video. Mrs Benson was on baseball wives when she threatened her ex husband with a bullet proof vest gun and baton. Woman broke into Exhisbands house and after he got her to leave he noticed that she took a shit on the window sill that she entered through. Man got beat up by three women after refusing to buy them drinks. Aussie woman braved to her friends about murdering and burying her boyfriend. Woman finally married a bridge. Woman in England grew a penis shaped strawberry. Some sorta famous russian woman got robbed at gunpoint and talked shot to the gunman. The birthday boy is also giving Josh’s workout a shot, on a dare, I don’t remember if Tully did them all but let’s just say he did because its his birthday and fuck you it’s my recap. And to end this show Shannon Schenannigans Guns Gunz joined Nikki for a pecker tickling workout that made half of all the young boys in the country suddenly run to their rooms, so they can jack off, flog the bishop, beat their meat, wax their rod, feed yer mum, OH!

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