Best of Re-Cap for Wednesday 3-20-2013

One thing that this site has certainly made itself a beacon for is homosexual rendezvous in truck stops across America. But in our off time, one of my favorite things done here is the interviews. Now, I don’t say “we’ve” done, because I came to start writing for the site just a couple of months ago, but before that I was drawn by the interviews, both with Ellisfam and members of TJES itself. If you are reading this, chances are you filled out a questionnaire put together by @bitPimps or @Az_RedDragon that was later posted on this site. (If you didn’t, and you are interested in doing so, DM your email to @Az_RedDragon with several nude photos of yourself and he will make you a star) If you want to get an idea of the questions, and get to know the rest of Ellisfam, check out these interviews. Some are hysterical, others touching, and some are probably going to be used in court one day. I was going to pick favorites here, but you know what? I’m tired and you can all suck it. Because you are all awesome and you would be great at sucking it of course!

Aside from Ellisfam, somehow this site has managed to land some interviews from the stars of the show and Will Pendarvis. It says a lot about the show and how interactive with the fans they are that they took the time to answer some simple and sometimes insulting questions so that we can all have a laugh outside of 12-4 PST.

Mike Tully gave us the laughs you would typically expect from him and even a Salsa Recipe.

Will Pendarvis gave us a look inside his creepy fucking existence.

Cumtard AKA Kevin Kraft, while no longer with the show, sat down and filled out a questionnaire which was much like any time he was really on the show. Dude took abuse, was open and honest about everything and was even moderately funny at times. Hell, I even asked him when his first attempted suicide was and the dude just rolled with it. Gonna miss that punching bag.

Rawdog filled out probably my favorite of the show interviews, proving that while he is a bumbling moron on the air and can’t defend himself , he can defend himself and formulate a really solid and funny retort. This is what I’ve always suspected with him, because he is such an insecure, nervous type in social situations, but there are some actual thoughts in there believe it or not. So maybe he’s not a radio genius, but I laughed my ass off when I read his replies. Keep plugging away you adorable bastard.

Let us not forget the Jingleberries! The very first to take the bait and regale us with the tales of how the Jingleberries met and came to be, and just how it is they do what they do. Those dude’s are fucking awesome, I won a CD with a bunch of their rejoins and buttons and shit and let me tell you, I really hope that shit doesn’t embed itself in my daughter’s brain when she’s in the car. I’m a terrible parent.

So that’s it! I know there is a really big name I am leaving off this list, and that’s because we’ve never gotten that interview. Maybe one day, but probably not. The Wing has bigger fish to fry, but in the meantime, read up on your fellow Ellisfam and get a little deeper inside your mum the show. Who knows, one of those interviews could lead you to the truck stop that offers the best reacharounds in the Americas!

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