Show Re-cap For Tuesday 12/11/2012

The white boy is back, and you know he can never be whack. It was another porn kind of morning for The Wing, which I assume also means he and Katie did sex stuff. Ellis started a new Instagram account, you can follow him @WolfMate to get your fix. Jude stopped into the show again today, this time for more than just a quick gift giving of vaporizers. He’s going to be writing some rap lyrics for a new Jack the Cunt track, and he’s got the ghetto accent to bring the bad shit, boss. Will fucked some shit up in the studio today, battery backup units were a beep-beep-beeping all over the place until bingo-bango, the show went off-air and we got some Social Distortion instead. No live either, so everyone was left standing there with their dorks in the hands for awhile until a “Best of” show came on. And with that, we’re done with the re-cap, but we’re just getting started on your mother. OH!

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