If You Could Ask Will Pendarvis One Question, What Would It Be?

Want to be a part of something that may or may not happen? Want to ask Will “Shiny Shins” Pendarvis a question? Well now is your chance! I’m going to be straight with you here. I have no idea if Pendarvis The 3rd will even read this, much less answer anything. But you never know until you try. So here’s the deal. You ask your questions on Twitter using the #AskShindarvis hashtag so we can track them. We’ll go through and pick the best 10 or so questions and send them off. You’ll get credit for your question and if Slick Willy answers, we’ll update this post with his answers. Sound good? Let’s play!

UPDATE: Will was nice enough to answer the questions we posed to him and it turned out to be pretty fucking awesome! So go read “Behind the Curtain With Will Pendarvis”

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