Show Re-cap For Tuesday 9/18/2012

Keep that pimp hand strong

Yeaaaahhh motherfuckers! It’s Tuesday and here’s another re-cap for yo’ asses, blastin’ caps, splittin’ wigs, sprayin’ noodles, all that shit – gangster style. The pimp game ain’t easy, and I should know. So if you’re thinking about becoming a pimp, just remember there are things to deal with, such as: Getting your mind right, getting your monies right, getting your hair right, etc. It’s work people, hard god damn work. Rawdog has several homeless people living in the parking lot near his apartment. Tully taught us there’s basically 3 types of homeless people: Crazy homeless, you’re in a bad predicament homeless, and then the other kind of homeless – the kind that want to deal drugs to your children and then eat them. There were several people who called in claiming to be homeless at one point in their life, and the overall consensus was that most homeless people are cray. If you’ve ever encountered a homeless person, this seems to be very true as sometimes you’ll see them yelling at nothing but thin air.

Doing our part to inspire Rawdog

Everyone is excited for November, except for Rawdog, because he’ll be deep throating a dead horse’s dick when Romney losses the election. It has to be sucked correctly so there’s talk about getting him a blowjob teacher for the occasion. Pendarvis, with his demented mind, thought it would be more uncomfortable if he were to suck that dead horse’s cock in front of one of his family members. And that suggestion right there just changed the game! However, if it happens, it’ll probably be happening at the next DDD show. It’s going to be an absolute train wreck to witness Rawdog pull a Burpo, where he shits, vomits, and cums – all at the same time. Some horse fucker in Florida is all upset, saying that the state is so fucked up for not being more zoophelia friendly, he just likes when the horses are in heat feeling the fur against his balls.

Fiddling with another man’s dick isn’t a good look

Tully’s new album, “Retrofit”,  has gotten up to #32 on the iTunes rock chart, or some chart, and that is higher than your album on whatever chart, so suck it. Speaking of sucking it, how long would it take you to pull a dick off a man’s body? What if you don’t get it pulled all the way off and it takes several yanks? At that point, wouldn’t it just be an extremely rough jerking session? So get this shit, today’s NMT and guess who doesn’t get a song from their new album played? If you guessed Tully, than you would be correct. Sure, Rawdog will play Gangnam Style by PSY or Pink’s new album, but fuck his friend right in the ass. What a jealous cocksucker move. Apparently Rawdog is nicer to homeless people than he is to his “friend”, guess his heritage is really starting to shine through! HEYOH! But hey, guess what? In a “Fuck Rawdog” moment, Tully posted another freebie, “Will a Blank”, for you on his Bandcamp page, go check it out if you want.

Even in her hay-day, your mom was a sick bitch

Shiny Shins Pendarvis purchased his Wolfknives membership and is looking for his nickname, he had to provide another button, but he only did one – so his membership is up in the air. It’s possible that his nickname may be decided by a WGW tomorrow! Apparently a lot of people have been getting their Wolfknives packages, but no names. Ellis was getting pissed at the way his manager is handling the Wolfknives shit because people aren’t getting their names on their cards or some shit. So I was talking about your mother to this co-worker of mine the other day. He was telling about how a long time ago, he was having sex with your mom and she looked at him and said, “Make love to me like in the movies.” So he fucked her in the ass, pulled out and came all over her face and hair. I guess this was just before she started hooking, because she was crying and asking him, “how could  you do that to me!” and his only response was, “I guess we don’t watch the same movies.” OH!

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