Show Re-cap For Thursday 9/6/2012

Welcome back, I knew you’d come back, they always come back. If things are too good for too long you will start to get sloppy, like a fat kid eating Manwiches. You gotta keep your edge and always be on your toes. Real World star and BFF to Lil Wayne, Dingo, was in the studio to grace us with his comedic presence and talked about the kind of things that you just don’t talk about, one of the new Real World cast members is secretly gay. I know, what a shocker right? I thought they all were gay, guess that surprised the shit out of me. Dana White did an interview for Fuel TV where he said, well I don’t know what he said, but here, you can see for yourself. Big Daddy Jas Cakes is thinking about becoming a professional wrestler now, its decent money, great dental plan, and oh yeah, its fake so you really don’t have to be that good or strong. But throwing dudes through tables is still awesome, fake or not.

Special guest in the studio today, Toll (Not sure if I spelled that right). I’m not real sure who he is or what he does but apparently he is tearing up the Instagram scene like a mother fucker on fire wearing rollerblades going downhill. He told Ellis how to up his followers and gave him tips and tricks. I would go into more detail but apparently Instagram doesn’t think that butt cracks are an acceptable subject peice in photography so I have boycotted them until they again allow crack. SAY YES TO CRACK, Instagram.

After today’s poetry and green drink session Raw Dog had the pleasure of a little scrotal massage by way of spikey nut ring and RC car. Lucky him. The car went, he screamed like a girl, I laughed, all is right in the world. Want to go Kayaking? Want to meet Russel Crow? Well now’s your lucky chance, just remember to bring a flare gun or something because your asses are getting lost. MC Tumble Bum’s girlfriend wants them to get a puppy together. Calm down. I can wait for you to stop yelling. There that’s better. The guys gave him a good going over and told him that it is a crazy idea and that there is no way in hell that they should do that. Thankfully Josh agreed and texted her back saying no. But I think the part that creeped me out the most is how he kept calling  her “Babe.”

RawDogs first puppy picture.

Trevor is a woman with a dude in her, wait I’m not done, but the dude is gay so that makes Trevor a woman with a dudes name that still takes the dick. However Trevor, the chick dude chick, had a baby and now wants to teach breast feeding classes and they hold her him Trevor that they don’t allow dudes. To be honest this story confused the fuck out of everyone and I only included it to take up the space that was ruined by final calls. Surprise surprise, final calls sucked more that yer mum during one of her charity visits to the homeless shelter, OH!

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