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I have asked for the EllisFam to do a small 8 question interview so that we may get to know one another and how The Jason Ellis Show has changed or impacted our lives. These are their reply’s, unedited and all in their own words. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and thank you to everyone who participated. Without you all this wouldn’t be possible.

Sex Panther (@WKsexpanther)

  1. Where do you live? La Grande, Oregon. Small town of 13k, A gorgeous valley completely surrounded by wooded mountains.
  2. What is your occupation? I work for a large insurance company in the medical claims department. Mainly I sit at a computer and listen to the show.
  3. Tell me a little about yourself. I recently got out of a long term relationship. My fiance robbed a bank three weeks before our wedding so I’m still dealing with that. He was the most wonderful man I had ever met and I was madly in love. Go figure. It was just like life to fuck me over on that one.
  4. How long have you listened to TJES? About three years. I just recently signed up for twitter because I was feeling out of the loop. It is awesome to connect with people who like the guys and the show as much as me.
  5. How did you discover TJES? I would just catch bits and pieces because I listened to music on Faction. I liked it so much, I started listening just for the show and have been hooked ever since.
  6. What keeps you listening to TJES? It is just so funny. And so real. Working with a bunch of old ladies in a silent office, they would die if they could hear what I’m listening to. Sometimes I am trying to hold back roaring laughter so hard, I shake and my face turns bright red. You can’t just listen to Rawdog say ‘boogfoot’ twice and not laugh your fucking face off.
  7. Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How? I feel like I connect to each of the guys. I had the same reaction to food as Rawdog growing up, I would only eat hotdogs and chicken strips. Fruits and veggies made me gag. I eat really diversely now and wonder how I ever lived off that? I was a straight A student after retuning to college at 22. ( I flunked out at 18). It wasn’t Oxford, but I’m a smart cookie (Fuck Tully). Jason reminds me of my older brother and I admire everything he has been through and everything he continues to do. I quit smoking because of the harsh words he has for callers that sound like smokers.
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share? I love meeting people that have similar views on life but I also love meeting people that very different. Coming from a small town, I like having friends on the ‘outside’ so to speak. I wont be missing Ellismania 9 for the world, hope to meet you all there!

ellis owns my box! (@ellisboxtattoo)

  1. Where do you live? Fort Irwin ca, yep wondering where that is??? It’s in the middle of nowhere 47miles to the nearest town of civilisation And that is meth lab central!!!
  2. What is your occupation? Master chief house keeper, personal assistant, sex slave, driver, the best mommy and baby maker
  3. Tell me a little about yourself. I’m 26 nearly 27 and moved here from the UK after chatting online to my now husband for only 3 days I stayed 3weeks then went back home for 4weeks and been here in the USA since Dec 2008, I’m a huge horse lover and have competed and own my own horses since I was 2 this hobby then became my job in between going to college for 4yrs then back to full time working with horses riding show jumping and grooming. I was also a shot girl then a stripper (which i loved doing) and i was and will be returning to the cam on my free cams under the name Henley_heaven :)but most of all i love nothing more than sitting on the couch with a cold one shooting some mother fuckers on COD
  4. How long have you listened to TJES? Since 2009
  5. How did you discover TJES? By accident while on one of our many cross country road trips
  6. What keeps you listening to TJES? Who wouldn’t want to listen???
  7. Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How? Yes my husband has found that he has help him in day to day life and keep going every single even when it’s hard too being a soldier he needs the release of a good laugh to TJES
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share? My box is a copyright of the Ellis Mate :) and I am real and tell it as it is don’t like don’t be my friend lol

Thanks for asking me to do this :)


If you would like to be apart of the EllisFam Interviews, please contact me (@Az_RedDragon) through twitter and I will send the interview to you.

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