Show Re-cap For Thursday 8/23/2012

Pound for pound it’s almost over, not summer, we’re still fucked on that, the week. It’s almost Friday. Just one more fucked up day dealing with grown ass children who cry and fuss when they don’t get their way. Well fuck those fuckin fucks, you have a re-cap to read and those snot nosed man babies can wait. In case you haven’t heard, pound for pound England is crap. All of it, I’m not sure why but I heard it on the radio so it must be true. If your not on Twitter, Facebook, the internet, or own a TV, then you don’t know that UFC 151 is cancelled because Henderson injured his knee. Pound for pound the A6K is taking another dive and this is probably the last run for the ‘ol girl. Ellis is thinking about getting a car, something economical and affordable, like the Dodge Challenger. Ellis is back in the blow job game, receiving not giving, and for some reason Dingo is rather obsessed with the details of this encounter. Were you standing? Pants all the way off? Did you smack her forehead with it? Pound for pound it was a bit creepy.

America throws out around 40% of its food, this makes that little kid in the commercials cry. Too bad he’s stuck in some shitty third world and not here, he would love our dumpsters! Wondering which candidate your most likely to vote for, go to and fill out the form and then go on not giving a shit like the rest of us. Then there was moto news, kinda, talk about off shore drilling, fossil fuel consumption, then Chad Reed. It’s a perfect conversation circle. In Ohio some dude is pulling the greatest prank ever, a prank that I myself want to do in the worst way. He has a Bigfoot costume and is fucking with people in the woods. Here is the video.

The guys did a little taste test thanks to Tully. You guessed it, weird Japanese food. This is what was on the menu: dehydrated squid, seasoned seaweed, pickled plum, canned quail egg, fermented soy beans, cheese milk candy, and coffee jelly. Sounds yummy. Horse Force, a force of super horses! Never heard of it? That’s because it was just made up and is going to blow up your children’s morning cartoon adventures! Who doesn’t love horses, and camels and Robert Redford Robot?

They crunch!

Do you have AIDS like symptoms but don’t have AIDS? If you do then your fucked and you should probably stop reading this and go to a doctor. Some people have it and nobody knows why, they just do. Sometime in the near future Josh and Ellis will be swapping three meals and seeing what it is like to eat each others diet for a day. I am actually looking forward to this, mostly because I want to hear what each of them picked for the other more than I want to know their reaction to eating the actual food. Did you know that yer mum wasn’t always a disgusting trash hound? She used to be a disgusting trash hound with a dick, before the operation, OH!

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