Show Re-cap For Friday 8/24/2012

On this 24th day of August in the year of our Lord John Connor & The Resistance 2012, we celebrate it being a Friday by aggressively not giving a fuck. Amen, brothers and sisters. So big surprise for you sisters, you have balls – no dick, just balls. And that’s okay, but us brothers have dicks to go with them balls, we talk to our dicks, our dicks are cool – just sayin. Housewives need a good pounding, and I couldn’t agree more – I’ve done my fair share of pounding my own wife, right in her twat – and it was sweet. Some bitter dude on Twitter said Ellis sounds like a wanna-be Stern and is a hack, but that turd eater don’t know shit from shinola so, yeah! There’s another you inside you, deep inside you – and it likes to start off slow but quickly gains a faster and faster rhythm until you climaxes.

Ellis and Rawdog are going to see who can last longer in a hot or a cold environment, once again, the bet is Ellis has to eat 3 Rawdog meals and Rawdog has to eat 3 Ellis meals, and Tully’s just gonna eat it all because he’s in-fucking-sane like that. Lance Armstrong, not to be confused with Stretch Armstrong, has been stripped of all of his titles amidst the steroid use controversy. He has been banned for life from the sport as well, which who gives a shit really because I thought he was done anyway. Some caller chimed in to correct this whole situation by stating it was only the US anti-doping agencies are the ones burning Lance at the stake, not the International Cycle Union – which again, who gives a shit. Ken Shamrock tried to break up a chick fight when some massive hose beast jumped on his back and he put her ass on the floor, he thought it was a man. That’s an ugly bitch. Yea, I said it! So what? Suck on my inner me’s dick, man!

One of the hot porn chicks that was part of the super slow-mo shoot Ellis and Rawdog did over the previous weekend came in on the show today. She drinks, smokes weed, sticks things in her vagina, you know – porn star shit. Speaking of porn, Brazzers contacted Ellis yesterday but nobody knows what for yet, they said they’re fans of the show. But I suspect Brazzers might have other business adventures in mind, you hear me Rawdog? You wanna be a star? This could be your big break into the porn industry! There was some Canadian power couples talk on the show today, and I completely zoned out for most of that segment. That is until hordes of Canadians got all butt hurt and called into the show to voice their objections, kill humor, and completely ignore the joke that flew over their heads, dropped bombs, circled back around, dropped more bombs, and then dropped pamphlets to explain the joke. Okay, okay, okay, I was exaggerating about the “hordes” part, it was probably only like a handful or so, but still – holy shitballs!

Can someone please tell me why it’s only Faction 41 that goes out on the app or online player? Seriously, every fucking time the feed goes silent, I switch to any other channel and it plays instantly – go back to 41 and still no fucking feed. Why is it only that channel? This is ridiculous and someone needs to get down to the bottom of this! WILL! Fuck! Okay, I’m done complaining for now. But watch the fuck out channel 41, I’m on to your antics. Some computer tech dude called in on his Bluetooth ear piece, looking like a doof I’m certain. He wants to move in with Ellis, because two straight dudes at 40 years of age living together is pretty much normal. Which reminds me, shortly after, I ran into that same caller and your mom! They came into the same diner I was at, sat down at the counter next to me, and your mom ordered a bowl of chili. The waitress told her that I had just ordered the last bowl, so your mom looks over to see my bowl of chili untouched. She asked me if I was going to eat it. I told her no, so she took the bowl and just starts chowing. About halfway through the bowl, she looks down and sees half of a dead rat. She immediately vomits back into the bowl. I told her, “yea, I made it about that far too.” OH!

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