Show Re-cap For Thursday 7/5/2012

Another Thursday has come and gone. For all you lucky fuckers out there this means that there is only one week until a weekend of debauchery and alcohol commences. From all of us not going, FUCK YOU. Ellis went to the doctor and as he hoped, his dick is herpes free. That’s great news for Ellis and all the pussy that lies in his path. Speaking of pussy, Raw Dizzle Dog is getting some kitty of his own. He didn’t go into much detail but he did say that he has given and received. They played a sound drop game, for what exactly I’m not sure, and the winner was Tiggy saying Red Dragons. Bitch Shit Nacho Supreme was sick today and his stupid ass thought it would be a good idea to still come to work. Fucktard.

Its big and it’s going to fuck your mind.

Big Fucking Mega Boat is in it’s second round of editing and we will probably see the final result in a month or so. Speaking of movies, the cult classic, Mixed Martian Arts made another comeback on the show. For many months I have blocked this movie from my memory only to have it hashed back up again. I would give you a link but I like you too much. Plus I can’t find one. There is a video making the rounds of a montage of people getting hurt with fireworks, and yes, I found it. In preparation for EllisMania the shock collars had to be tested and what better way to test them is with “Shocking Confessions!” It went as expected, some that were rather plain and others that made you wish the caller was faking it, but you know he wasn’t.

There was some girl in some state that ate KFC and got Salmonella and ended up with brain damage or some shit. They sued for millions. Why the fuck didn’t the parents of this girl just take her to the hospital instead of filling her bloated infested mouth with more chicken wraps. Congratulations, I give you Parents Of The Year. Our daughter drools but we have a new car. Final calls were about average. A lady cop called in that claimed to be hot and Tully made the point that there aren’t too many really hot lady cops. I must agree, usually the officers that are telling me to blow into the device are a bit rude and don’t appreciate a good doughnut joke. Speaking of blowing into devices, when yer mum took the breathalyzer test, she got it pregnant from all the left over jizz still in her jowls, OH!

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  1. Thank you sir for finding that. I could watch that video a 100times. GOD BLESS AMERICA am I right? There are no hot girl cops. As soon as they put that uniform on they lose all attractiveness. All the cops I deal with are younger then me now which drives me nuts because I have and always will refer to them as sir and it’s really annoying calling some crater faced 22 year old sir as he’s making me walk so stupid ass imaginary line. I hate the “I got picked on so I’m taking that out on you” attitude I constantly deal with with the Fuzz. Scary assholes all quick with the taser out here, I’m not fucking with that I don’t wana shit my pants

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