Show Re-cap For Tuesday 7/3/2012

HHEEEYYYYYYYY MOTHER FUCKERS! I’m back, and here to tell you about this little show on the satellite radio called the Jason Mother Fuckin Ellis Show. To start off Jason is in this love triangle where some chick hit on him at Ellis Mania 7 and since then she has kept contact with him sending him seductive pictures and texts. Well after a delightful evening eating sushi, the fish not the pussy, he then later saw her again at the gym. With her boyfriend, the dude that Jason trains with. This is quite the situation as you might think. So Jason is worried that he might lose a friend over this crazy bitch and he is also worried that this crazy bitch might do crazy bitch things, which is what crazy bitches do.

Adam Sandler made some great movies and a lot of shitty movies. I like the “boobs on the head” one. If you got that reference then we are friends for life. The Bag Balm arrived so Jason is now fucking a can of dick healing goodness until his thunder stick is back in proper condition. Oh and don’t forget to wash the teets first. The EllisMania Bikini Contest sounds like it is going to be the event of the year. Fist is the Q&A, then the dunking contest, then the “Dude am I a Slut” live. Yer mum should enter, she is a sure winner for the Dude am I a Slut. She already won the Dude am I a Bush Pig contest. Wait, that’s not the end, I just couldn’t resist.

There’s more zombie news, does anyone give a shit anymore? I’m ready for the Mummy news, haven’t heard that one yet. New Music Tuesday was today, coincidentally. Kiss has a new song. Thought they died, Maybe not. Also heard from Tim McGraw. To be honest as a country bumpkin, I cried a little when I heard this steaming pile of manure. What the fuck ever happened to Don’t Take The Girl, Indian Outlaw, or Down on the Farm? This pop infused pile of shit made me cry for everyone that wears boots and has ever kicked a little shit. The death metal that was played featuring Tim Allen was pretty fucking awesome. There’s a new Death!Death!Die! song, and it’s free! Get it here! It’s awesome. OK, here is the correct link. Did you fall for it again? HAHAHA, okay of reals now,

It turns out that cats carry the parasite that make women crazy, I just thought they were born with it. Skin was in the studio today talking about hand jobs, lesbians, strap-ons, live porn shoots, and pizza. Apparently she and some Brazilian chick with “ass for days” did a Cum Challenge on and I missed it because I was at work and jacking off on the job site is frowned upon. Then there was final calls. They weren’t bad, could have been worse, like the time yer mum ate Mexican food for a week and then kept shitting so much that the donkey wouldn’t even fuck her, OH!

Yo quiero tu madre?


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