Show Re-cap For Friday 7/6/2012

It’s Friday people, I’m glad you give enough of a fuck to read this because I barely give enough of a fuck to write it. So here we fucking go. French people are annoying shit fucks and this has been proven yet again by Tully annoying incredibly tanned neighbors. Even the French that are in Canada. I’ve been told by my beady eyed friends that they don’t like them much either. The A6K is broke again, or still. Lights, smoke, bells, the familiar sounds of the A6K. The guys were talking about Sammy Davis Jr mostly because they played Mr Bojangles before the show, and if you haven’t seen the video then you will here. Just try not to stare too hard at the Anaconda that he’s smuggling. Will “look at those shins” Pendarvis did Hollywood news and I have come to the conclusion that Hollywood is really fucked up. I could go into more detail about it but then I couldn’t tell every one that a woman is needed for the final scene in Big Fucking Mega Boat. That’s right ladies, if you can make your pussy sing that sweet sweet song and queef for the camera, you can be on Big Fucking Mega Boat, just send an email to

Tully did his new signature segment, Women, Am I Right?, and I am beginning to think that there are a lot of crazy broads out there. Better learn to sleep with one eye open and a finger on the trigger. I’m joking, I can’t sleep with an eye open. Breaking news, Justin Bieber’s balls have finally dropped and police in California ticketed him for going 100 miles per hour on the freeway. Kit Cope might not be at EllisMania 8 next week for reasons that are currently unknown so if he does pull out the pro shock collar fight will be cancelled. Final calls were more listenable than usual, still not saying much. A dude called in that got “shot” yesterday because he didn’t get his story out in a reasonable amount of time, and guess what, same thing happened today. So if you know this guy, give him a few leg kicks for us. A college girl called in with a Dude Am I A Slut, and she has banged about 6 guys on the water polo team, bareback. Yup, she’s a slut and the water polo team can’t stop giving each other high fives. Speaking of polo teams, yer mum had quite the tear through the polo team when she was in college, unfortunately the riders kept getting mad because she was only blowing the horses, OH!

We heard yer mum was going to be here.

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