A Good Morning

As she stirred in the morning hour barely awake, she felt it, that familiar feeling down there. Down between her thighs she felt the usual and rather expected feeling, the wanting of touch. Still a little groggy from the nights sleep she reached her hand down and felt it. Yearning for her delicate and soft fingers, she touched it, and the more she touched the more she wanted. First one finger, then two, and then her entire hand was petting, rubbing, feeling, loving. Soon she was rubbing faster, harder but she wanted more. She was insatiable, still wanting, and so she gave, more and more. Soon time had passed without recognition and she realized that she must rise from her bed, but she wasn’t done. “Another couple minutes,” she told herself. She felt the affection that ran through her body, her love for her touch. In this instant, it happened, she stopped petting Sandy, her cat, and got ready for work.


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