Show Re-cap For Thursday 6/28/2012

This is the hardest fucking part of writing the re-cap, how to begin. I could tell a funny joke, a humorous story, or some anecdotal tale that will make you laugh and shoot soda out of your nose. But today I got nothing, so I shall just begin. The crew is leaning towards our friend Shit Toboggan in the fight verse his and Cum Tard. It would seem that when you take it seriously and train, it gives you an advantage. Who would have known? Ellis, Tully, and skate boarding aficionado, Rumble McTumble are going to the X-Games tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing the stories from that on Monday. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if they will even be there next week because Ellis was talking an awful lot about going on vacation. He mostly wants to go to Thailand, the touristy part, not the bug eating Malaria infested part. Oh, and don’t leave your kids in the car. This has been a public service announcement.

They see me rollin”

There is a Mexican baby that had a 33 pound tumor growing on his back, but now its gone and he has a new 33 pound best friend named Terry. Shit Nacho put his name on the line again today, literally. They played a song clip and had to guess the artist or song name. Great news, Shit Nacho lost, and now he will be called Herpe Slurpie, thank you Field Piece (@banginmumtards). There is a new Death!Death!Die! song, I’m pretty sure they didn’t play it today. Hopefully they will play it tomorrow. And Rawdog mentioned a new kitchen gadget that seems like a total piece of shit, unless your Tully and can’t figure out how to get butter on your toast without completly fucking it to hell. I present to you, The Battery Powered Butter Knife!

In breaking Canadian news, a man killed his girlfriend and went to jail because she was BITING HIS DICK! I say that the punishment is not fitting to the crime, he was only defending himself against this dick chomping hater of the schlong. Tabitha Stevens and her husband, Kenny “Kenji” Gallo, who will be appearing at EllisMania 8 as MMA Elvis. I may have that wrong but fuck it. I will keep this short since I tend to zone out when “Industry Ladies” are on air, so here goes. Tabitha likes to be hung from hooks by her back (crazy bitch), she jacked off Jeff the Drunk (nasty bitch), she doesn’t take the dick on film anymore (Clam slammin’ bitch), and Kenji fucked her once with a fake lobster on her head (I got nothin’ for this one, bitch).

Started a new segment today, Dude Is It Gay Bruediger? This was obviously a smash hit on the phones as well as Twitter, I’m sure we will see it again in the coming weeks. Some chick called in about Trannies taking all the dudes away, and I didn’t hear the point she was trying to make but shes a girl so I will give her a pat on the head and say “That’s cute Dear.” When your children act like shit heads, what do you do? Whatever the fuck you want, but they’re yours and shit will come back to bite you in the ass, so whatever your technique, remember, your going to be old someday and your going to need them. The last thing we learned on the show today is that strip clubs are outlawed in Saskatchewan. They outlawed them shortly after yer mum danced and broke the stage killing 6 innocent by-standards and Mary the Midget, OH!

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