Show Re-cap For Wednesday 5/9/2012

Happy Hump Day all you happy humping Hedens and Heroins.  I hope that you all have been blue balled and dry rubbed till your nether regions resemble a fresh piece of beef jerky. Good times.  Super Dad was late to the show today, he was held up at the post office and received a parking ticket because of the delay.  We started off the show with news from North Carolina.  There is still heated debate whether same sex marriage should be legal or not.  I think this is a ridiculous argument, there is no reason a persons human rights should be infringed upon.  This even pertains to North Carolina’s other law that was recently brought to light, the right for cousins to marry.  If you had any questions why North Carolina is so ignorant and stupid, well now you have your answer.

We also learned that John Travolta is of the hook for offering to Flog the Bishop with a masseuse.  He apparently was in New York during this alleged pole waxing, and there was no way possible that he was beatin another dudes dick like it owed him money.  There is not much more to this story, but for the fuck of it, jacking off, waxing the wood, beatin meat, making gravy, pettin the snake, that should do it.  Discussion also moved to whether or not Travolta is gay, and no, he is not. I mean, just look at him. How could you think he’s not 100% straight.

The phones were down for most of the day and with it being Wednesday, we had a WORLDS GREATEST WEDNESDAY MARATHON! And it went a little something like this:

Worlds Gayest Super Hero.  And the unanimous winner is He-Man.

Worlds Gayest Animal.  And your winner is……..The Seahorse.

Worlds Worst Celebrity Tranny…….Well they’re all winners in my book. And the rest of us, with the mental pictures that this WGW created, are the true losers. You just can’t unthink stuff like that.

After all this fun and games the phones finally started working again just in time for final calls and after all the usual rif-raff that seems to drag out the last half hour of the show, Josh was grilled about his current hygiene care and if it has improved.  Good news ladies, Mr. Richmond is much cleaner than he used to be, which is something that cannot be said about the compost pile your mum calls her cunt, OH!


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