Show Re-cap For Wednesday 5/16/2012

Welcome to another late night edition of the Jason Ellis Show Re-Cap, tonight I am your host, Az_Redragon.  So just sit back and enjoy as you read this tale of excitement and woe.  I just realized that I’m not sure what woe means, who am I kidding? Heres the fucking recap that all you fucking fuckers fucking wanted. Damn, 4 fucks in one scentence, not bad. Someone had been stealing shit out of Jason’s truck at the apartments and hes getting tired of it, so tired that he wants to fight them all, at the same time.  He also said the the guys from West Coast Customs want to do some work on his truck.  As Tully said, the best thing they could do is put it back to stock, but how you gonna watch TV on a projection screen at the beach when its stock? That is whack!  They also talked about Ellis’s apperance on Dr Drews show and solidified his position as a Boobologist.

The greatest ass in the world is probably attached to a girl you’ve never heard of and never will.  Otherwise the opinion on worlds greates ass is up for debate whether you like a bubble butt, flat ass, junk in the trunk, or just something to hang on to while your giving her the ol’ in n out.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D came into the studio today and things seemed to start off a little rocky.  It seemed to take Jack and Kyle a minute to get used to Jason’s straight to the point hard ass interviewing but soon enough everyone fell into a groove and the interview slowly turned into Jack asking Jason about D!D!D!  He listened to a few songs and seemed genuinly impressed.  There might be an actual chance that Tenacious D and Death Death Die will do a show together.  This would be the greatest show sinse yer mum performed in the donkey show in Tijuana, you remember, its the one where the donkey wouldn’t stop crying, OH!

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