Show Re-cap For Tuesday 5/29/2012

If your reading this its because your one of the cool kids and just so you know, being cool is cool, so be cool to stay cool and then were all cool. Before the show Ellis spent some time on the beach where he met a crab. Now this was apparently no ordinary crab, this was a moto crab and he had many questions about Vilipoto. Why a crab would care escapes me but hell, if i found a talking crab I would probably try to aswer all the questions he had. Jude came in today and gave us some very great advise, NEVER take Cialis and Ecstacy at the same time. It might seem like a good idea, but according to Jude, your heart will probably blast out of your chest. Also on more drug educating news, don’t eat fruit while on Cialis. I don’t know why but this one guy that my buddies brother knew did and he died. There, thats all the proof you need.

Canada has severed feet popping up everywhere, this time it was mailed. Great job on suppying the show with material Canada, keep up the good work. There is a new call screener and so far today he has done a fine job, there was a drastic decrease in shitty phone calls today. He currently is being called The Navarro, but I expect that to change shortly because there can only be one Navarro, and only one. The main test today was when the guys played Dude Am I A Slut, and I must say that the FNG did just fine. The first call was a Tranny, but then it happened. The DAIAS call that all other calls will be measured upon, Jennifer. Jennifer apparently was on a 7 day cruise and fucked 6 guys not counting her boyfriend who was with her, and 2 of which were a threesome with her girlfriend. Congratulations Jennifer you slut of all sluts.

Jessie Johnson was in the studio today to promote his new energy drink, Speed. He talked about racing, and he announced that there is an announcement. An 81 year old woman almost died skydiving, and a naked man in Florida got shot by police because he was eating another mans face. Tumble Bum doesn’t like potatoe slad be cause it, “is still a salad” which made everybody stop what they were doing as say, what the fuck? And finally Uncle Mayhem came in today and said that he was relieved that he is no longer in the UFC. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of him. He will continue to train his other team mates and I have a good feeling that Mayhem will still be around the UFC one way or another.  Did you know that you had a brother? No? It turns out that your moms pussy was so hairy when he was born, that he died of rugburns, OH!

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