Show Re-cap For Friday 5/4/2012

We’ve made it! It’s Friday my friends, and I guess you can give 1 fuck today but only if you are a Beastie Boys fan. Will Smith might be who the bitches wanna go balls deep with now-a-days. He’s a pretty wholesome guy, probably doesn’t beat Jada or even drop loads on her face. Ellis had a hot blonde walk past him and he was searching for one of the pickup lines from yesterday’s show but couldn’t think exactly how they went. He was checking Twitter and boom, this same chick mentions how she just saw Ellis. So he DM’s her and says he was going to hit on her, she says “you should’ve, don’t be scurred” and he in turn said “I’m not, you should go out with me sometime” and then digits.

We might be seeing a new game in the near future, Cry Challenge. I’m not sure if there’s one signature move you could pull to edge out a victory, I think it will have to be based on how much you actually fall apart. I know what I’d try for though, I’d get that bottom lip quivering like a naked bitch in a blizzard, then get the water works breaking the dam, I’m talking snot dripping, slobber, tears, standing in a puddle of my own piss – you won’t be able to fuck with that kind of breakdown. Cumtard came on the show today, like as in was on the show, he didn’t seriously cum on the soundboard or anything. Now that that’s clear, he was there to play a game they’ve played before, Stinko De Mayo, where they will be blindfolded and have to smell some stuff and try to guess what it is. The exciting part about today’s game? Pendarvis will be participating! Pendarvis almost immediately flipped the fuck out when he took his first sniff and asked if it was cum, which was really 4 day-old scrambled eggs. I think Will ended up guessing 2 of the 4 items and amazingly, he didn’t vomit though it sounded like he was close to it. Rawdog was the next contestant, and ended up guessing 1 of the 4 items, also no puking even though it sounded imminent on the 3rd item. Super-Dad Tully was up next, he’s used to smelling baby shit and vomit so he might be immune to smells, he ended up going 0 for 4 – and again, no hurling.

Rawdog’s sister Gabi (@GabrielleRich) also stopped by the show today, with the idea of promoting her boyfriend’s new bar / barber shop or some shit. Rawdog got to put some of the pickup lines to use on his sister. Awkward. And then we got to play “Ask a bitch”, featuring Gabi Richmond, an admitted bitch. There wasn’t much to this one, except the one caller who had half his dick blown off in some god forsaken country. At first, I thought the dude was lying, but his story and descriptions matched up way too well so sounds as if it’s true. Poor dude, but he had a really great attitude about it so that’s cool. Oh yea, Rawdog arm wrestled his sister. You all know how this is going to end, Rawdog lost. And that about covers it, stay safe and have a good weekend all y’all. And make sure you’re mom stays safe too, make sure she has plenty of wire hangers around the house so she can keep performing her own abortions. OH!

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