Show Re-cap For Wednesday 4/18/2012

Day 3 of the New York shows kicked off with new songs by The Jingleberries (@jingleberries) and there were limited microphones available which turned into a fantastic new discovery, Tranny Sarah! This new discovery has so much creep potential I really hope the guys use this again.

Jason talked about all the shitty AM Terrestrial Radio shows that he had to do, all seemed to go well and he only said shit and fuck once.  I think I would have lost in that betting pool.  Tully reported that the book was at number 38 in sales, but throughout the show it seemed to drop. Apparently that’s what this shit does.


In today’s Breaking News, Dick Clark died, Britney Spears is going to be on X-Factor, and chin plastic surgery is the next big thing.  After all that epic news they got into the discussion of who’s smarter, Chicks or Gay Dudes?  After much discussion and deliberating they came to the unanimous conclusion that ugly Chicks are the smartest.

There’s a new contest, which isn’t as much of a contest as it is a crap shoot.  Some random caller will get a custom signed book and one of the twelve lucky winners will have their book hand delivered to them by Ellis himself.  This applies to everyone, except Canada, and Hawaii, and Alaska.  SUCK IT!

Todays Worlds Greatest Wednesday was nothing more than a cock tease, figures.  (sigh) Maybe next week.  Final calls was a little interesting.  It was mostly drug addiction talk, then took a left turn to a guy addicted to strippers and porn stars.  Not too bad of an addiction if you ask me, not like your moms addiction, chewing used condoms like gum, OH!

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