Show Re-cap For Monday 4/16/2012

Wassup party people in the place to be? The show started about 30 minutes late today, which made my eye twitch because that meant I had to do more work to pass the time. TJES is in New York today, and Ellis made an appearance on Jane Radio on the Stars channel. What an odd place to go to help promote his book. I have no clue who Jane Pratt is, why she has a radio show, or what it’s about. Pretty much the same stories of hookers, drugs, skating, and divorce that most of us have already heard before, still though, the interview was good none the less. Ellis also stopped by the Frank DeCaro show as well, which he’s been on before and has also had on his show before as well. I felt that interview was better, if not just for the fact that Ellis and DeCaro know each other pretty well, or at least more so than he knows Jane Pratt (I assume), so they joked around a bit more and that was nice to hear.

Rawdog is out today, he went to Coachella over the weekend and got his car stolen, so I suppose he will be catching a later flight. But, Backbone (@Cullensaidthis) was in the studio with Ellis and Tully today so that’s cool. Apparently Ellis had some chicks in his room last night, went to bed and then woke up at 4AM to more people and a full-on party going on his room until 9AM. I assume at least some of those chicks had to have been coke whores. While Ellis came on the radio, you could tell he was preoccupied and he apologized to the listeners several times for both being late (which didn’t sound like his fault) and for not being his normal self. Turns out that some chick was saying she needed to get into his hotel room while he was on the radio. He expressed the feeling that he thought this chick was just trying to rob him, so he gave his phone to Cullen and was going to have him go let this bitch in to get her wallet. Cullen comes back, the chick is crying and saying “just forget it”. Eventually she did go up to the room and get her shit and returned Ellis’ key, and according to Cullen, these bitches be whack, yo.

Chad and Vinnie from the band Hellyeah stopped by the show today. There were typical stories you would come to expect, like drunken fighting, drinking a bottle of Jager, passing out, shitting yourself, and going home to your mom’s house (seriously, that’s not a joke), etc. Sal Masekela has a new album out, yes – music from Sal – I didn’t even know he did anything but some shitty MTV and X-Games. Interestingly, it wasn’t rap either – it had some weird Lenny Kravitz style to it with a bit of spacey overtones. Another interesting fact that I didn’t know is that his dad is a semi-famous jazz musician as well. The last interesting fact that I didn’t know is that both Sal and his dad have tag teamed your mom while she was all coked out and in Ellis’ hotel room. OH!

Your Mom Went Missing

2 thoughts on “Show Re-cap For Monday 4/16/2012

  1. I don’t remember the last time I missed a live show. It really shows how good this recap is because I’m definatly listening to the replay tomorrow morning.

    I can’t believe someone sole RawDogs car, what bullshit! Its probably the “shity music karma fairy” taking revenge. As a massive PanterA fan i’m super bummed I missed the Hell Yeah interview. Oh well that’s life, always fucking you when your not looking, like yer mum, OH!

  2. I as well missed the show. But thank god my Sirius app works so good it recorded the whole show and I’m in2 1st hour now. Can’t wait for hell yea and sals stupid music, Stay Duckin sal haha. I didn’t wana miss Ellis on Howard tomorrow. Wonder who these party skanks are, Ellis needs to snap photos of these bitches

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