Show Re-cap For Wednesday 3/21/2012

Lot’s of talk about Ellis’ book, which you can now pre-order an autographed copy of from Diesel or some shit, check it out here: Ellis also has his Large & In Charge Trucker Workout DVD out now, you can click this motherfuckin link right here to go buy that shit. Ellis won’t be on the radio tomorrow, he’s “gotta do shit” so no idea what that means but it must be more important than you or me. Instead, they’ll be playing the “World’s Greatest Guitar Solo” show in it’s entirety.

Australian rappers Bliss N Eso stopped by the show today to spit some of those sweet rhymes that Aussies are so well known for. While Aussie rap is just as fucking hilarious as you would expect, I think Rawdog is secretly a Bone Thug because his shit was flowin’ son. Thanks to @CobraTits, you can now listen to Jack The Cunt with Bliss N Eso. And callers, am I right? What in the blue fuck is up with some of these people that call into the show? It’s like they’re listening to a completely different channel and call up with the most fucked up shit that doesn’t pertain to anything but the secret conversation they’ve been having in their head. And apparently nobody knows what Ellis sounds like. Pro tip: If the dude answering the phone has an Australian accent, it’s Jason fucking Ellis. Pooooooooop.

The show went a full hour long today, which was pretty dope even though a lot of us had shit to do or lasagna to eat. Shout out to tummy ache guy, whoever he is. Rawdog had to jet before the show ended because he’s a slave to the puuuuussssaaaaaayyyyy. I think he was late for a date with some chick he’s gone out with like 4 times before and has smooched with, hopefully he’s going to get some titties in his face tonight. On a related note, I know of at least 100 people who are getting titties in their face tonight, and that’s because your mom is working an extra hour tonight too. OH!

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