Show Re-cap For Wednesday 3/14/2012

Happy Steak and BJ Day! The guy that thought this up is either a genius (doubt it) or have some really high expectations (and lives with his mom).  Ellis changed the date for Ellismania 8, again.  Raise your hand if your surprised by this, no, no one. Ok lets continue then. He said that there is a chance that it can get on some HDNet TV thing so that everyone can see it, even the Canadians, who apparently need the HD due to their beady eyes. Oh, Lindsay Lohan hit some dude, tried to change seats, was fucked up, bla bla bla, who the fuck cares anyway.  Moving on.

Ellis talked to Kit Cope @KitCope and it sounds like Kit is going to fight some of the Ellis Fam in a flag football leg kick type of thing, I’m not too sure, I was looking at, umm, photography.  Blame my ADD.  But on the bright side Cogdeth @Cogdeth is probably going to be getting a new set of crutches. Congratulations to you.  While on the subject of EM8, Big B @OGEverlast will be playing and there’s still plans for a bikini contest.  If any girls would like me to help in any way please contact me.

After much of this nonsense and shenanigans shit got deep.  Ellis tried to offer Josh his Audi to help him financially but Josh refused saying that he doesn’t feel right taking the car from Ellis. Josh is starting to run out of money and he is beginning to get worried that the higher-ups at Sirius aren’t going to offer him a job, but Tully thinks otherwise.  Lets all hope Tully is right.  I think the show would suffer great loss if Josh left.

And on today’s Worlds Greatest Wednesday top 10:




Fuck this you get the idea.

Then finally the guys talked about vacation, take it sooner or later, either way it doesn’t matter we will be treated with The Best Of Ellis, face it, even hearing the same bit for the 20th time is still funny, kinda, sometimes, ok maybe not.  But vacation is vacation, much like the million of tourists that vacation through you mums massive cavernous vagina! OH!


2 thoughts on “Show Re-cap For Wednesday 3/14/2012

  1. GReat job man. Can’t believe Sirius XM are such stingy cocksmokers. They got the NightDawg all emotional, that shits not cool, my wife was listening and him getting emotional made her get emotional and then all of a sudden she was to upset to go through with steak and BJ day. God damn cockblockin sirius XM dickholes, if rawdizzle dosnt get paid I’m gonna write them a long letter about how they can lick me were I shit……those motherfuckers

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