Show Re-cap For Tuesday 2/28/2012

Is anyone even reading this garbage or just me? Okay, good. Let’s see what Rude Judesday had in store for us. Well for one, Rude Jude worked as a bathroom attendant at a gay bar for awhile to save up money to get out to LA. He also said he’s up for going to EllisMania 8, that would be pretty fucking sweet for the fans.

Rawdog Cool As IceRawdog turned a bit more gangster today, because he drinks a lot of water and that’s gangster, bitches. Rawdog was also in rare “I got game” form today, slightly hitting on some Penthouse sluts and just talking with more confidence than usual. *Giggle Snort* Maybe yesterday’s speed-dating game resulted in a new found swagger. Things got a little awkward when Ellis started grilling this Emily chick, she was clearly not liking it and started to get emotional, which made everyone else enjoy it more. When a caller chimed in and said she should stop being such a cunt, she left the interview all mad and almost tripped out of the studio. BOOM! Awkward interview badge achieved.

And of course, it’s new music Tuesday. Arguably the biggest story there was that there is a new dub-step style remix of Death! Death! Die! out now, and thanks to @CobraTits, you can hear that right now. Before I forget for another entire week, you can download some of the tracks and make your mash-ups to send into the show. There was also talk about clean and dirty fuel sources used by the world’s population. Oddly though, no talk about how much your mother is used by the world’s population. OH!

3 thoughts on “Show Re-cap For Tuesday 2/28/2012

  1. Man this week has been solid. I got to thinking during this show what really got me hooked on the show. And that would be all the fucktarded phone calls. At the beginning of the show it was a few segments a few rants and nothing but answering the phones. Now it’s a perfect balance but the phone calls are arguably the best part of the show some days. Hearing retards from all around north America is very entertaining. I have only made it through 3 times and…I’m 0 for 3 in relevant phone calls. Well the last time isn’t fare because it was for a “DUDE, am I a closeted homosexual who’s married with kids” and turns out I am. I know it’s gay to sing Whitney Houston I’m every woman and counting crows mr jones and me to my kid who dosnt want to sleep but for the record I don’t really know the words to Whitney’s song, well I know I’m every woman, buy i wouldnt even sing that I would hum it and then the part after that went da da dant da da da da baby. I was big on singing songs that had baby in the lyric. My go to is usually Tom petty stand my ground( or whatever the name of the song is)
    Well reason I’m goin on and on is cause there were somethin like 4 phone calls during this show, all fucktards trying to make points that I have distinctly made in my replies on here and I just wana go on record and say I was not one of them. They all got shoot and went a complete dumbass way of trying to make there point. I’ll be the 1st to say I’m a little retarded and have made retarded calls in past, only 2, and I didn’t get shoot, but my point and things I tried to say did not come out right, it’s hard, it’s hard to hear and those fuckers are intimidating. But I’m smarter then the fuckwads who called in during this particular show. Fuck I gotta go back to work

    • I’ve only called into the show 3 times. 2 times I got a busy signal, and the only time I got through with a serious comment, Cumtard just said, “I’ll tell him” and hung up on me. lol Oh well.

      Yea, you can tell sometimes the callers really help make the show. Think back to OxyCottonJohn, he’s a fucking legend now, and of course there are several others. Sometimes it’s a moron calling that makes me laugh and other times it’s a person with an intelligent comment that makes me interested.

  2. Yea dude oxy’s 1st call was so awsome. I have had legit points and good comments to make, at least I thought so but it was probably dumb, and nothin but busy signal. Then I’ll listen and gay Ryan gets through or Scotty from NY and it will be a pointless call from someone who always get through. Shits irritating, I don’t really even try anymore

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