Show Re-cap For Thursday 2/23/2012

Yeaaaaa motherfuckers. Let’s just jump right into it. Talk started off with a Tweet Tully had made the night before, about a hotel where you can act like a baby. I believe the consensus is that it would be a great idea. Then it turned to what’s the greatest thing to spend $2000 on. I don’t think that went anywhere, or if it did, I missed it. There was quite a bit of talk about Jason’s upcoming book, “I’m Awesome: One Man’s Triumphant Quest to Become the Sweetest Dude Ever”, and how high it might rank on the best seller’s list. Moving on…

Rawdog McDonaldRawdog first smoked pot when he was a sophomore in college, during a night of playing strip poker and truth or dare. Sophomore in college / truth or dare. It sounds so stupidly innocent if weren’t for the fact that the chick Rawdog was crushing on ended up topless, and also ended up hooking up with some other dude. Wha-wha-whaaaa. Poor little fella. Hmm… what else was there, let’s see…

Hypothetical question: If you were 70 years old, would you rather lose your dick or your life savings? I say life savings, you’re most likely near the end of your days anyway, you could survive. That has to be much better than carrying around a colostomy bag that you’re constantly shaking and dropping because you’re old a frail. And you just know you’re getting piss all over the place, pants, car, chair, etc.

Sounds like EllisMania 8 will be moved from the weekend of May 12, to the weekend of May 19 because Andy Bell (@andybell) has something to do the weekend of the 12th. Alicia, one of the chicks that fought in EllisMania 7 dressed as a taco was in the studio, she didn’t say much. So yeah, that happened. The future version of Jason Ellis called into the show, he was 50 and had some really uplifting and solid advice – life is going to get worse but it’ll also get better and something about skiing moguls.

And that’s where I leave it, stop, end, finish. I know, kind of an abrupt finish to a masterpiece, right? That’s just what I’m used to, your mom likes it when I finish like that all over her face. OH!

2 thoughts on “Show Re-cap For Thursday 2/23/2012

  1. Yea dude, I’m never given up my dick. Regardless if its not the happy go lucky camper he used to be, Im never given him up. Your dick is mans true best friend, fuck the dog. My dick dosnt shit on the carpet. He might have got me in some sticky situations in the past but no amount of money could make me sever ties with the lil guy. Plus, fuck it I always thought I could be a good greeter at walmart and the only way to get that job is to be handicapped or fucking 70. I honestly think that could be my calling in life. “hey there welcome to walmart!, make sure to check out the 5 dollar movie bin” BOOM

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