Show Re-cap For Wednesday 1/25/2012

@EllisMate was in a much better mood today, which means the show started off way better than yesterday. The first part of the show was spent talking about Gina Carano (@ginacarano) and her new movie.

Next up was talk about how Ellis thinks he may be un-date-able (I don’t think that’s even a word.) Tully was thinking about John Lennon in the shower, (yes I typed that totally out of context.) Then I had a meeting at work so I missed the next 20 minutes or so. FUCK! By the time I got back, they were talking about Ellis and what he might want for a vehicle. He seems to have a massive erection for Dodge.

Demi Moore is in the hospital or some shit, weening herself off young cock addiction. So of course the important discussion must be had – who’s she gonna rebound with? I think Seal was a front runner, but that’s gross to even think about so… moving on. Apparently Demi went out with her daughter Rumor, and danced on a table. Is she hot? Yes. Does she need a sandwich? Yes. Is she single? Yes.

Danny and the Dingo stopped in the show. Danny’s band “Techno Satan” got signed to a label, Banana Records maybe? That was pretty much all that came of that. It’s just Danny talking like Satan and asking questions while some music is playing in the background.

And… Nick Swardson (@NickSwardson) finally got on Twitter (not that stupid bitch that pretended to be Nick Swardson) – so that’s awesome. Burt Bacharach (@hansauced), Stupid Tits, and Pineapple (all previous interns) stopped by the show and played a game. Stupid Tits didn’t disappoint – he was still horrible at impressions and games in general. He accidentally came up with some cool song names, such as “Stick Dick”. Even less of a surprise, Bacharach is still a total racist against white people.

No return date for Cumtard, he said maybe tonight, which I take to mean – not a chance in hell. According to Ellis, Cogdeath gets a chance to fight at EM8, he’ll be fighting Ellis. I’m thinking that will probably fizzle out, unless every celebrity bails on their fights.

And there you have it. If I missed something noteworthy, let me know in the comments. And as always, your dad said that your mother has a stinky box.

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