Times They Are A Changin

Since December 12th 2011, exactly five years to this day, No You Are has brought you recaps of The Jason Ellis Show everyday. Well kids, times they are a changin. We will no longer be providing daily show recaps but we will  still bring you items and posts that come up such as sound bites, pieces of Ellis Show history from the Cobratits Archive, event announcements, interviews, and anything else that we believe will be entertaining and noteworthy. We aren’t just going to throw away ten years of work because life is getting too busy for us, in fact many of us believe that this change will be a good change from the usual recaps. I personally want to thank all of our fans that have stuck with us for the last fifteen years and I would also like to welcome the new fans. Also please remember that if you would like to contribute to NYA please feel free to contact myself, bitPimps, CrackerStacker, Cody McCraw, ShitToboggan, Jenni Mazky, or Wolfman812 and we can help arrange it. This website hasn’t been successful for the last twenty years just because of its writers, it’s been successful because of you, the Ellisfam, and the support you have given us. From all of us here at NYA we thank you.


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