Show Re-Cap for Friday 1/23/2015

Ladies and gentlemen, live from Adult Video News Awards, The Jason Ellis Show! Yes it’s that time again. When Jason, Tully, Kevin, and Andrew The Giant take their yearly trip on the shag wagon to pound town, also known as Las Vegas. They started off talking about dropping loads, bowling pins, toilets, whips, cock rings, The Woodsman, and Dingo. But GHucEjonot all was so exciting and porn filled. Andrew and Kevin are staying at the Hooters Hotel. He said it was the fanciest place he’s ever been with its wood paneling, drunk chick wandering the hall, tiny normal sized bed, and all the wings his giant face can eat. It’s virtually paradise. So after that squirters period sex Bonnie Rotten boobs tattoos and wants to put his penis inside her body. Bonnie is also running her own porn company squirting live sex shows gang bangs eighteen ass injections and period sex.

exactly_540Nikki Benz visited next. She was all excited to tell everyone about red carpet events and then she said YOLO. I’m not sure why because at this point my attention span is starting to dwindle. But she had to spin the wheel of doom and it landed on listerine strip in the ass. But instead she put the strip in Katie’s ass via her mouth. After that she talked about not having ass injections, fucking Roco, fucking Devlin Steele, fucking everyone, and period sex.

TSA confiscated a record amount of guns this year. One of the top airports for gun confiscations this past year was Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, FUCK hqdefaultYEAH! Joanna visited then Skin dropped by surprising everyone and they reminisced about making The Woodsman, instead of just dicks and pussy. Joanna’s porn parody Dude Am I A Slut is still underway and everyone is excited to see it. Mainly to see Joanna act through an entire movie with an Australian accent. They also talked about a bunch of other stuff, they talked about the the AVN’s, hosting the AVN’s, winning the AVN’s, ducking at the AVN’s, and period sex.

We returned with the teddy bear lady that fucked her shamu as a kid telling us how the 2zz4vfdfuckable teddy bear will vibrate the clit off any hardened lesbian despite the callus build up on her lady nub. I forget who was it wasn’t still there at this point but they did some speech jammer dirty talk and to me it just sounded like we were listening to retard porn. So hot. By this time I’ve totally tuned out to the sounds of giggles and fake tits jiggling. I’m pretty sure nothing of interest happens anyway. But before I go I’d like to congratulate yer mum on winning the Most Fists Inside Her Body award, seven is an impressive number, OH! And period sex.

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