Show Re-Cap for Friday 12/5/2014

Here’s the Friday recap, I’m sick, it sucks, fuckin deal with it fucking jerkoff asshole face.


They talked about Ellismania stuff like Jason’s Master Blaster Fight. UFC 181 is this weekend. Or today. Or yesterday. Depending on when I get this done. They talked about their kids and how they’re little people of their own and how they’re all awesome and shit. Mike Jasper gave his opinions for the Master Blaster fight. Something about the Santas of the Caribbean in Anaheim and it sucks.

Bua and Jude Show #2 is available on On Demand. Mark Whaulburg asked for pardon for past crimes so he can sell more hamburgers with his ugly brother. Kevin got pile drived then presented his Misheard Lyrics bit. They talked more about the EM schedule. Friday they’ll do shit, Saturday they’ll do more shit, and Sunday they’re gonna do a little bit of shit because everyone will be hungover. The CDC recommends circumcision, the benefits outweigh the risk medically. Robert Wells drinks the urine of young people because he thinks it’s the fountain of youth. But he’s arrested now so he has to drink the urine of whoever the fuck wants his bitch ass to. Wills signature segment “how to ditch the bitch” went pretty good. A little murdery but we all expected that. And a NY cop fired for exposing genitals. Balls.

Kevin fucks his own ass, Chris Rock says that Hollywood is racist and that he wants to thank Dice for his walk, Final Calls, Fortune 500 racists, post it notes from Blade, killer weddings, amputee dating game, Ellismania 10 February 20th and 21st See Men Fight, and tonight in yer mums bedroom, Semen Fight, OH!

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