Show Re-cap Wednesday 11/12/2014

Well, sort of a re-cap. Sirius app is a hunk of shit and I didn’t want to listen to the music Ellis played. The two things synergized and POOF! I didn’t hear half of the show. I’ll give you what I got and the best I could gather from twitter on the rest of it for now, and in a couple of days I’ll listen to the rest and update this bad boy. Ya know, for history and shit. One day in the distant future, our robot overlords will have turned our planet into a scorched wasteland of dust and ash, and when the extra terrestrials arrive and slaughter all of them, we want them to hear our story. Our fucking retarded story.

So as we all know, the show had an unintentional four day weekend. The reason behind this was that Ellis starting shitting blood again. (SHITTING BLOOD IS METAL) So he went to the doc, and got probed with those things that they spread vaginas with and they zapped his hemorrhoids with needles. And THEN! He shit himself again when he was trying to blow a snot rocket in the sauna, in front of Katie who laughed her balls off. Oh, and he wanted me to tell you all, “Fuck you”, because he got a lot of shit on Twitter about not being on, and you should probably fuck off because the dude was bleeding out of his ass, and then he got Veteran’s day off like most everyone else, so again, Fuck you.

What did he do on Veteran’s day you asked? Remember that doctor dude that was on last week that convinced Ellis to take drugs for therapy? He did that. Not Ayahuasca, but MDMA in controlled doses with a doctor who talked him through the whole thing. And it…..worked? He said he remembered more about his dad molesting him, which is a bummer, but he also said it showed him other people’s side of things and ultimately he allowed himself to forgive everyone for not believing him or doing anything about it. His life is sweet, and he has risen higher than any Ellis has before, so he ultimately wins. He also said he looks forward to doing more drugs to find out more things since his heart didn’t go into AFIB.

Hotdog is still kicking ass on the #TeamHotdogChallenge , so much in fact that his knee got a bit swollen from doing squats or something. Kevin was feeling a bit down today because of his chemically unbalanced tard brain. So they took calls on how to cheer Kevin up, and ultimately Kevin was still a sad dude at the end of it. They watched a video of Ric Flair losing his balls in the ring and it made everyone (Including myself) want to go back and watch shit show wrestling. I’ve got a blu-ray documentary on The Rock.


Annnnnd that’s all I got for ya on this one. I polled twitter for some answers, and as always, got the best answers:

  1. Branden @CrackerStacker6 2h2 hours ago
  2. Fuckin XM app. How did that Kevin smith interview go?

    sounded like he did a spot on dingo impression

    1. AZ_RedDragon @AZ_RedDragon 2h2 hours ago
      1. he knew a shit ton about MMA
        it was a call in, not too many dick jokes, real short and to the point. Talked a bunch about his upcoming events

      Translation: Dana White called in to the show to promote TUF and talk about the upcoming UFC schedule which is unbelievably stacked for the next year.

      Also, translate: Kevin Smith did not come on the show. Not sure when, but Ellis tweeted something about how he hopes he comes on soon. Nobody is sure when. So look forward to that or don’t.


      Alright kids, I’ve gotta go jam a knife in my leg so I can jerk off and hopefully not wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Toodles.





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