Show Re-cap for Wednesday 11/19/2014

Evening, readers. Welcome to yet another Wednesday recap where the half of it’s made up and the points mean nothing. Ellis opened the show talking about how Starbucks is suing people so they don’t have to say that they have GMO’s in their overpriced coffee. But that is mostly bullshit at best. So it just goes to show that just because somebody you know posts some shit on Instagram doesn’t make it true, and just maybe check shit before you cosign it. Speaking of bullshit, Madchild won’t be fighting Tully at EMX because of conflicting tour dates in Europe. So it’s time to pull out the big guns and start harassing that fight dodging pussy Mark McGrath until he comes to Vegas. Which will probably end with Tully realizing scotch isn’t as good for cardio as cardio, but will most likely never happen anyway.

So Bill Cosby might have raped all those girls, but maybe the story isn’t so black and white. Janice Dickinson apparently has been trying to jump on the Cosby rape wagon again to try and get her name in the news, and her story probably isn’t the most credible. The story goes that she went to his house, was having menstrual cramps so she took some wine and pills to make herself….wait wtf?? After Janice got a little sleepy from the midol(???) is when Cosby went slipped her the old boozy bop pudding pup a Scooby zappa doo. The guys saw it like this: If you go to  Cosby’s house, alone, and drink wine and take pills, he is not out of line by assuming he’s gonna get some. If she says no and he still goes for it, he’s a piece of shit, but Dickinson was just out of rehab and it’s a whole long list of shit I don’t care about.



I could bore you with talk about Charles Manson getting married, but I’ve gotta get up at 3AM tomorrow so FUUUUCKKK that let’s get to the good shit. Film director, producer, writer and star Kevin Smith finally came on the show and Ellis had to pay up $100 to Tully. Ellis had to admit outright he wasn’t really familiar with Smith’s work up until he saw ‘Tusk’, which he also had to admit, he didn’t know it was a Kevin Smith movie until afterwards. I haven’t seen it yet, but from what I gathered is that It’s ‘Human Centipede’ but some dude gets turned into a Walrus instead. Kevin is an awesome talker and can go on and on and on about anything you bring up, and didn’t disappoint. He told the story about how he came up with the idea for Tusk live on his podcast and with a little help and encouragement from his fans, he just fucking went for it. Which sounds a helluva lot like the making of ‘The Woodsman’, when callers basically wrote the death scenes. Tully and Ellis explained the bit to Kevin and he laughed along with it and gave them props for following through with a crazy idea, even if it did turn out to be a massive pile of shit (second only to Big Fucking Mega Boat). It wasn’t the longest interview I have ever heard, but considering nobody had ever met before, it was pretty damn solid. If you somehow live in a world of pale sadness and haven’t watched any of his movies, please do yourself a favor and watch: Clerks, Clerks 2, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Red State and Mallrats. All solid flicks, and easily some of the most quotable shit out there.




The last hour of the show started with Andrew the Giant’s terrible idea and then suffered for the last 20 minutes because of the terrible idea. The idea? Why don’t we play some country songs to see if they fit on Faction.

The lucky one....

The lucky one….

But not just any shitty country: Red dirt country(????) and outlaw country(?????). Hey guess what? It all sounded like garbage to me. But imagine my surprise when the listeners called in to suggest the “real shit” the guys should listen to and…, it still sucked. Thanks for ruining an awesome show, country music! FUCK. First you take Hootie, and now you fuck up Kevin Smith day? Fuck you.









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