Show Re-Cap for Friday 11/14/2014

The white boy is back, not Ellis, me, this white boy. I haven’t wrote a recap in forever. Ellis0HfpdSJ injected his ass with air bubbles this morning so he might drop dead at any moment. I knew this guy who knew a guy who once put an air hose up his ass and died because the air squeezed his guts, that and he exploded so this shit is serious. What else is serious is this recap, so I’m going to condense it so it’s not so long and so I can get done so I can go get a piece.

    • Socks are like women, you forget how good new ones feel until you stick your feet in them.
    • $5,000 to the two best fighters in Ellismania to be donated to a charity of their choice.
    • Thomas Hayden Church called and is matching the $10,000 to donate and will cohost Friday from Austin. Tigerbox might feature Rob Halford and Blasko.
    • Really rich dude had to pay his ex bitch one billion. She says it’s not enough. Guess she thinks she’s got the greatest pussy in the world.
    • The guys talked about This Boyce Life that premiered yesterday starring David Boyce and Renee Renee and said it wasn’t to bad for a couple of Canadian fucks.
    • Jude and Bua will do a show together next.
    • Open phones, a fat guy got skinny, a dudes car is broke, Hotdog got high and ate a piece of pizza. And a bunch of other calls that I got bored writing about.
    • A new fight, The Virgin Fight, Hotdog vs another dude without game. The winner gets a prepaid escort for the night.
    • To be in the Ellis vs The World fight contact Kit Cope or Mike Jasper via Twitter to fight Ellis.
    • There might be a Hot Chick fight but for there to be a Hot Chick fight there needs to be hot chicks so if you are a hot chick who wants to fight hit up Ellis on Twitter.
    • And then there were more callers to end the two hour Ellis Show marathon.
    • Some fisherman in the Philippines caught a huge tiger shark that had a human head and leg in its belly.
    • Tully and Ellis couldn’t live in a small place just fishing and boating all the time. They’d get bored.
    • Will wants to be a vegetable farmer. Probably a bean farmer.
    • They played Get To Know The Executive Producer Andrew The Giant. How old? 30. Attended a concert, the Backstreet Boys. Andrew has done yoga. Andrew had duel citizenship till 18, the other was German. Andrew spent time in the ICU because of a MERSA staff infection. In HS he was a member of the Drama Club. How many tattoos? 3. Has a tattoo of a super gay Frat symbol. Andrew was hazed by having to cross the US Mexico border undetected. While in college Andrew did tradition of covering himself in flour and run naked. Has attended the Kentucky Derby. What’s on sports bucket list To hit a home run in a MLB park. In HS he was bullied by Al Gores kid. His favorite drink is cheap bourbon. And he has never dated yet mum. Nobody dates yet mum, they just use her as a place holder between other less slutty bitches.


That’s a recap. I’m surprised you read it all. But then again I’m still surprised when yer mum gives me the clap, OH!

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