Show Re-cap for Friday 9/19/2014

Hey motherfuckers! Ellis isn’t here today, well he is, sort of and so is Tully but they aren’t. He’s off somewhere goin fast and jumping shit and hopefully he’ll keep the shiny side up. Today’s show is a menagerie of prerecord stuff and old clips so I’m gonna do my best to recap this crazy cluster fuck.

Here’s a list of the segments we heard today, so sit back as you take a stroll through memory lane and enjoy the deep belly laughs and uncontrollable farts.

Ellis almost quit Sirius. Remember that one time. Sure glad he stuck around.

Ellis wants to be a fish. Rawdog is retarded.

Fun fart facts. Fartathon 2013.

Gabe Rudeger night club fight. Lying piece of shit.

Ellis mini ramp poo story on Tony’s show.

Girl with nice boobs tricked into Dude Am I A Slut.

Dingos dolphin orgy.

Crazy Chez dude that kept getting arrested for not paying for meals.

Kiss ass game. Katie, malice, and Kelly Shabari lipstick in butt.

Will got beat up by a murderer. Driving slow in fast lane.

Woman freaks over a lake.

To Pet A Predator with Joe Rogan.

The Tit Cobra Challenge. AKA The Canada Quiz.

Good uses for old people.

Well there you have it folks, a half assed recap for a half assed show, from my fingers to your eyeballs. I know I coulda done a better job but like yer mum always says, “glug glug gag cough gag spit gag glug choke gag” OH!

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