Show Recap for Friday 8/8/2014

Disclaimer, I have been drinking all day and now refuse to use spell check so fuck you all. Enjou.

Ellis is giving up his hair battle and is just goin to go with his chrome fome and say fuc the fuzz. But no matte rwhat the hair situation is he saw Steven Tyler in som hoity toity furniture shop and said hi. Steven didnt recognize or remember him but still tired to get inot10593167_10202819847921980_7699789615471057597_n Katies pants like a trooper. Speaking of Steven Tylwer my buddy Tom Fine saw him also and Stenven bought a kite from his shop on Redondo Peier so shout out to your awesome bearded ass! Danity Cane broke up whoever the fuck they were. And in my notes I wrote Future ideas so that can only mean one thing, ideas in the future. Ellis thinks Cullen should take the channel because he pretty much does it anyway, there should be a girl DJ and lift weights so it sounds like she is taking a punding in the ol cock socket, and dick punch karaoke. Enough said.image (3)

White dudes in jail are racist or they’re taking dicks and braiding corn rows. Again, enough said. Some secret agent prison anti gay rape guard called in and said that it doeant happen often does happen often but when it does it’s a six dude ass tearing gang bang. ANd in the nature of the conversation  some 19 year old might go to prison for selling pot brownies. Sucks to be his butthole. I suggest he start learing to train his gag reflex to avoid serious anal trauma.Loser

After speakng of unwanteed butt sex and listening to music we heard Jetta, and Hotdog, and whoever the fuck else did it sing karaoke to Bon Jovi. It sucked but the got hit in the nuts so it was funny. nut shots are always funny, ALWAYS. After the hilarity of shots to the balls we hward some Wolfkine names. I dont remember them all so shout out to your annonomous asses. But not all is lost, in my notes i worte, “Whale penis video.” She says penis 8 times by the way.

Danity Cane singer Aubrey O’Day had some sort of statement abput the band but I stil dont know whot the fuck they are so fuck that fuckn shit. Christian came into the studio ath this pint and talked with the chaps about KISS Crüe football, richie sambora, and the greatest girl guitar player which really doesnt matter because the greatest gutiar playing girl stil isnt better than that dude in the mariachi band at your favorite mexican resturant. But what he’s really here for is to listen to new heavy metal music! We listened to Wolf, Death Angel, Carcass, Accept, Ghost BC, Dirty Tampon, Anal Seapage, Fetus Jesus, The Jack Rollers, Yer Mums Dildo, G-String Maxi Pads, The Oxycotton Johns, bitPimps and the No You Are’s, and finally, Slipknot who single handedly rocked the faces off everybody with their new single… ummm, I dont remember, Google that shit. But most of all, remember, love is a way of feeling.

A New Jersey man was arrested after four robberies netting $4. Dumbass. and speaking of dumbasses, welcome to You Sir Are A Moron. Her are the questions that the guys were asked, If you are offered the position of president would you take it? If every God of every image (4)religion fought who would win? Would you rather spend the rest of your like lookin like you’re 80 or 12? If you had to rob a bank who would your celebrity gang be? Who in your contacts would you least want to send a pic of your boner too? Under what circumstances would you adopt a child? What is the most likely corporation is most likely to take over the world? Would you rather have an ugly scar across your face or lose 15 IQ points?
And then my app crapped out so you sir, SiriusXM Mobile App, are a moron. Luckinly becore I posted this my secret admirer bitPims pisted someting that i can make you look at like a 13 year old boy in the girls locker room. actually you can listen to it like when you were little and you could still hear your parents bumping uglies in the other room. And I do mean uglies, yer mum has such an ugly vagina that faces of death featured it for an entire month, OH! So did deli meats daily, DOUBLE OH!

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