Show recap for Friday 4-4-2014

I was gonna write something funny and witty to open the recap but I don’t give a fuck and if you don’t like that then suck it, it’s Friday. Aw shit! We started the show with a stroll down memory lane with some old intros. Ellis cussed in front of his kids on accident, Tully’s kid started cussing on purpose, and bitPimps kid started her own blog. They talked a lot about Vikings, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Breaking Bad, and porn stars. But nobody’s got time for that shit. They talked about all kinds of things and it was funny, trust me, I listened. Not like some other people. And before the break Ellis talked about his massive teeth and his dick head dentist that kept threatening to give him a root canal in a super annoying French accent.

In today’s Aussie News a recent study is showing that Australian beer drinking is at it’s lowest in 70 years. It’s probably because Australian beer sucks, go America! But according to scientists it’s shit like health, public awareness, immigrants, and a bunch of other pansy ass reasons why. Speaking of health, if you’re a huge fatty fat and want to lose weight and punch a fellow fatty fat then submit photos and a letter or something to They assigned more Wolfknife names to the latest group of prospects. If you would like to be apart of the fastest growing scooter gang in America go to and sign up. Hey, wanna know why Germany has a reputation of being a bunch of shit fisting goose fuckers? It’s because of the war, it fucks with people big time. The more you know bitches.

To be continued cuz I’m busy as fuck!

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