Show Recap for Friday 2/28/2014

It’s that time again, no not time to eat marbles and laxatives and pretend you’re a shit machine gun, time to stop giving a fuck and read the Friday recap! (Just pretend it’s still Friday) Lucky you. Unless you are in Los Angeles. If you are in LA just remember to swim for high ground and steer clear of the sharknado. Thank god the SiriusXM building has been spared from the destruction and devastation. It’s a full studio today, there’s Jason, Tully, Dingo, Katie, Josh Hanson, Christian, Mike Catherwood, Jason Kunto, and all the kids from The Walton’s. There’s so many people because today is the long awaited of the award winning gams, Sting Pong! Cue the game show music. You might be asking yourself how one plays Sting Pong. Well, I’m asking myself that same thing so when you pooooofind out just let me know. But basically it’s multiplayer ping pong with teeth. Ellis hung out with Tom Green the other day. He said Tom was a cool dude and that Tom wants Ellis to be wingman for him. Seems like Tom read Ellis’s book and likes what he read and now wants lessons from the master of awesome himself. But what is not awesome is writing in to Dear Prudance because you’re a lady with diahreah and you suspect your boyfriend has some weird extra squishy scat fetish because he wants to sex you up after you have the Hershey squirts.

In Moto News the gopro videos from Roxon and Poto’s helmets has been put onto the interwebs so everyone can see how sweet Poto is and how much of an ass fuck Roxon is. I couldn’t find it though so you’re shit out of luck. After listening to the new Hatebean songs the guys played the Google Auto Complete game. It was awesome with such entries as Why does, and If I, and What is. Are you a master of fashion and on top of the latest fashions? Then you have heard of Meggings, leggings for men. They are just like leggings for girls but they are bulgetastic.
image (5)Finally after the break they all started the Sting Pong Championships. Here are the basic details because I was too busy laughing my ass off to take notes so if you really want to know what happened I suggest listening to the replay Monday morning. Katie was out first, Hanson was a giant vag and ran out of the studio, Catherwood was scared out of his balls but took his punishment like a man. And finally Dingo won!
image (7)image (6)image (8)Today in Pot News, Maryland is considering the legalization of marijuana and in a hearing to debate this decision the chief of police cited an article that said a bunch of people overdosed on weed when Colorado legalized it. At this point every stoner is laughing because they know this genius unknowingly cited a fake news article. That was pretty much all these iconic pillars of entertainment did for the last half hour of the show. No sense is trying to top the history making, life changing game that mortals know as Sting Pong so they just took final calls. Most of them were crap as usual and then someone brough up Ellismania being somewhere else this year. The guys might take some kind of online poll or something but I still think there won’t be any place better than Las Vegas. The recap guy called in again but instead of doing his boring recap he decided to do boring quotes with same monotoned voice, but at least he knew his old shit was played out. Speaking of being played out, I’m really getting tired of losing watches inside yer mum, oh!

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