Show recap for Friday 2/21/2014

Happy Chad Reed Day Eve! How will you be paying homage to the king of moto? I will be decorating the Chad Reed tree, making Chad Reed cookies, and tomorrow morning I will watch the kids open their Chad Reed gifts on Chad Reed morning while watching the A Chad Reed Story marathon. Today at the gym Ellis saw some nerdy white guy in nice clothes just hanging out, it was kinda odd until he realized that Usher was also in the gymtumblr_msxtrnFBJY1qhpc9fo1_500 and probably brought the white dude for moral support. Jason said his boxing skills weren’t terrible, not great, but he’s definitely getting lessons. Back to Chad Reed day, fun Chad Reed fact, he is half Abbo, half Austraian, and full blood badass. In today’s Olympic news the Canadian women’s hockey team won the gold. Congrats to Canada for having the toughest, biggest, roughest bunch of manly women on ice in the world. Also while on the subject of the Olympics, way to go Russia, hating the gays but having massive boners for their figure skating couples. Also while on the subject of Russia, Pussy Riot got shit whipped at a performance by the police.

We came back from the break with a sampling of the instant hits created by Hate Bean. I wouldn’t be surprised of Metallica’s next album has a cover of Weiner Gazer. Hate bean will also be performing at EM10, so that will be worth the tickets alone! The guys rambled on about Hollywood, expensive cars, Tully’s neighborhood, cartoons, and of course, Chad Reed. We heard a beautiful heart felt poem from Will, an original song created by Cumtard, some caller contributions, an awesome original production by Michael Tully, and a few email submissions. Chad Reed is an inspirational mother (2)

Big weekend ahead, Supercross, UFC, and Tigers birthday party at Trampoline World. Ellis is going to be signing books tonight in Huntington Beach at wherever he’s going to be. Hell, by the time I get this posted you might have missed it. My bad. But check his Twittah just to be sure. Another thing to check is Christian’s Instagram account @kingtrut and feel free to give your opinion on Kevin’s head. Does he just have thin hair or is his hair line running from his face? You make the (2)

Ever watched your kids playing with their toys and wish you had a bigger grown up version of their toys? Well now from the makers of Silly Splooge, Whamo presents Crazy Carts Mega! Now you can play WITH your kids and slam them into the wall in a perfectly legal way! And sticking with the toys and games subject, it’s time for Ellis Jeopardy Chad Reed Edition. Suck it Parker Brothers! And for the second time in a row Dingo wins! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to ride my flying pig to hell for ice skating lessons. Before I finish this recap on this glorious Chad Reed day, I leave you with a poem,

Chad Reed rides with speed
He rides with intent
He passes you up
Like your bike is all bent

On one fateful day
And with one bad turn
He got a shit whippin
He totally got burned

He’s got a busted back
And his shoulder is a bit bum
But that doesn’t stop Chad Reed
From fuckin yer mum,

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