Show Re-cap for Friday 2/7/2014

Well hello there, friend! What a Friday evening it is, and what luck! Your luck just got a little better because here I am to insert the Friday recap into your mind. There is soft core porn on my TV and I’m not going to do anything about that, but let’s get to the show. Ellis is getting himself psyched up because Aubrey Marcus from Onnit is bringing Miss USA turned MMA fighter Whitney Miller in to roll with Jason in a Jiu Jitsu match. Doesn’t sound very daunting does it? Well, the best part is that Aubrey is also bringing a special guest to work Ellis over beforehand, but he won’t tell Ellis who it is. Could it be Cub Swanson, who is sponsored by Onnit (And a massive UFC star right now if you don’t know)? Could it be a legend of the Gracie family? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out! Hooked ya, biotch!

Mark McGrath kind of felt gypped yesterday when he lost Ellis Jeopardy, like he was set up to lose. He was really butt hurt that he lost and upon reflection, Tully can see how a game where the answers are based on Ellis’ descriptions of things can be biased towards the guy who sits across from him everry day, even if it wasn’t intentional. Man, soft core porn sucks. The chicks are hot as hell but you can’t make believe you are chowing beav when you are bobbing your head on a chicks lap.

Tully has a similar problem that I have. He simply does not like the Rolling Stones. Every few years he convinces himself to listen to something and give them a shot, but alas, fuck the Stones man. I agree wholeheartedly, play Paint it Black and fuck off. Something about Mick Jagger being a weird little spaz on stage mixed with a meh sound rubs myself and Tully the wrong way. I imagine if I was in studio Tully and I would have been high fiving again and again over this. Just play Paint it Black and get the fuck off my radio. But, the spazzy little dance moves onstage do get a bit of a cool pass in rock and roll. Is Keanu Reeves cool, then? Ellis says yes, Tully says no. They are starting to disagree, so it’s only a matter of time before Tully walks off the show. There are like 4 chicks in a hot tub on my TV and they all sort of look alike which makes me think they are sisters, and my boner is confused.

Jason was on Dr. Drew last night and the highlight was a militant black lady who tries to make a living by goading white people into a racial debate to make them look racist. There was a case about a black kid who got killed at a gas station by a white guy. The black lady was trying to make it seem racially charged but Ellis thinks it was just a crazy old guy and race had nothing to do with it. She made him feel super uncomfortable and he didn’t want to paint himself into the racist The chick was talking over everyone and Jason really didn’t like the whole thing.

People be talking shit on Ellis’ instagram about the guests on the show, most recently, Chanel West Coast. Both Tully and Ellis response to someone who has such a problem with a guest that they don’t necessarily like is basically: just change the channel, come back when they are gone. And really, shouldn’t it be that simple? I’ve never felt the need to directly contact Jason or anyone on the show about a guest I didn’t like. Yeah, sure, I write elaborately long paragraphs filled with scathing insults on a certain fan website that recaps the shows, but I try not to fill up Jason or Tully’s world with my shit. I just switch to another channel, listen to some music, jack off or whatever. Holy shit this chick on my tv has some nice titties. Lke BOOM.

Some early reviews on Jason’s book are out, and some of them are down right insulting. To briefly sum up one: the person who read the book found Jason to be homophobic because while even though he says he is in full support of gay rights, he still says things are “Fruity” which apparently is exclusive to gay people, saying that mud masks, while necessary are kind of girly, Chihuahuas aren’t for straight men and plumbers cracks not being cool all somehow make Jason this hypocritical homophobe. Pretty fucktarded, right?

Mike Catherwood came on the show today, and they discussed Jason’s appearance on Drew and the ins and outs of doing interviews with crazy people on the panel. Also they went over relationships being radio hosts and how much you can share. Catherwood is becoming one of those regulars where they come in and bullshit on random topics and while it’s totally entertaining to listen to, it can get a little monotonous to recap, so all I can say it Catherwood is an awesome guest and today was no exception. However, while Mike Catherwood was in studio, Onnit’s surprise guest to beat the shit out of Ellis showed up. So without further ado allow me to reveal the identity of this man.

Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine

Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine


That’s right, Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine, UFC fighter and badass came in to work Ellis over before feeding him to Whitney Miller in a Jiu Jitsu scramble. Ellis jumped in to roll with Jardine and actually faired pretty well, only getting submitted once by rear naked choke. The second Jardine’s round was up, Whitney Miller jumped in and swarmed Jason’s back, but they rolled back and forth and Ellis managed to not get tapped by a chick, even though she was super good and actually overcame his strength a few times with technique.

After the mini match, Jardine, Whitney Miller, and Aubrey Marcus sat down to close out the show. Jardine shared a story about chasing down a dude who was stealing his mail, making that criminal one of the unluckiest ever. They touched on some ancient Samurai who roamed the land picking swordfights and killing people for years, and how Jardine isn’t as brain damaged as you would think.

Man, I gotta be honest guys, the more I type the less I give a shit. Friday is really kicking in with the last two hours and I think I better just tap out of this one before it gets too boring. Have a good weekend everybody.



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