CobraTits: Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes


Many of you will remember one of the best TJES fan sites around, It contained all kinds of awesome audio goodies for us all to consume and enjoy, from some of the best and most memorable moments on the show. Then came the day it disappeared and we all collectively cried ourselves to sleep.

Thanks to the man behind “stripping the Ellis show s’naked”, Rob, with his permission and tons of help, we all get to enjoy all his hard work once again! That’s right, with Rob’s help, we’re in the process of restoring as much as possible from his site! As you can imagine, Rob had tons of material and we’ve only just started the process of getting it all back online. So keep checking back as there will be more and more added as time goes on.

Check out the newest category added to NYA, the “CobraTits Archive“!

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