Show Recap for Friday, 12/13/2013

So am I the only one that doesn’t like the new intro? Personally I’d rather they bring back the Pantera intro, that motherfucker would get me amped as fuck! Hey, Ellis was on Dr. Drew’s TV show again. He doesn’t think the co-host lady likes him even though they are text buddies and pass on funny cat memes to each other. Ellis had a good time and Drew thinks he would be a good co-host instead of the other lady because she just talks about cats and baby back shits. Good times were had. Tully also had a good time when he almost lost his friends kid. Hope that lady doesn’t read these recaps! Hahaha nobody reads these! Except Jillian Barbarie, she reads every single one during her morning poop. They talked more about Ellis’s appearance and the topics discussed but thanks to the miracle of science and technology I have a short clip from Dr. Drew’s show for you. The new Death Death Die album is still in the top five metal albums in America and Canada, but for some reason the songs aren’t being played on Sirius’s metal channels, I guess the songs are just way too awesome for them. With the massive success of the album the guys completely forgot to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with opium. Santa_DanceTully has never done opium but wishes he had and I’m pretty sure I’m on it because I could swear that Will just said The Wall Street Journal is going to do a piece on Jason. Happy Opposite Day. Even crazier than Ellis being in The a Wall Street Journal, Will is going to start doing yoga. Can’t wait to see him in those sexy stretchy pants. In case you want to see a moronic rich white woman be racist without even realizing it I give you the Megan Kellie Santa is white video.

Breaking MMA News, GSP is retiring so now some other dude is gonna fight the other dude. Something about Dana saying he’s got plenty of money and Ariel Hawanee was mentioned a bunch. I guess he was a dick or something during an interview. The sign language dude from the Mandela funeral is a raping, thieving, breaking, kidnapping, and attempted murdering crazy son of a bitch. Plus I heard that he doesn’t even know sign language. How dare you sir!

Kevin came in after the break and talked about how he’s getting back in shape and his workout schedule. He usually does shit that’s one step above walking the mall with old ladies but once he used a personal trainer, because it was free, and she made him do some Insanity Workout type shit and three minutes in he ran to the bathroom and puked. Ellis gave him a bit of a pep talk and told him to work out with him and Katie so he can get rid of his fat squishy man titties. Did you hear the one about a dude that got busted because he posted a bunch of guns and shit he stole on Instagram and the police got a warrant and busted him? It’s hilarious. Game time, Ellis and Kevin were head to head in a battle of wits and knowledge but a single wrong answer will warrant a leg kick from Mike Jasper (Ellis) and @colleenfights (Kevin). Ellis had to answer comic book based questions while Cumtard had to answer MMA questions. I’m not sure who got more questions correct but I definitely know who won, the listeners.

Here is a breakdown of the Women Am I Right segment: In Virginia a 71 year old woman hit a deer and the deer went flying and hit another woman that was jogging. Two women left The Shake Yo Booty Club, went back to house to rub cookies together, tried to wake bf for threesome, he said no, she stabbed him in the eye. Florida woman got pissed at bf after his dog are her weed so she stabbed him but claims he walked into the knife several times. Woman who was fired got busted stealing from ex bosses home. A NYC man went on three dates with a phylisophical editor and she slammed him on FB and made a blog saying he’s the most awesome man alive. Woman charged by Supreme Court for chemical warfare. Debbie and Steve Woods, lie detector. Woman runs over bf after break up caught on security camera. Woman fights man at octoberfest and tries to eat his face on video. Woman gets stuck jumping building to building video. The cotton ball diet video. And finally, the vaginal knitting video. That’s gonna be one nasty smelling scarf. Graham crackers were originally created to keep people from waxing the wood way back in the day. Now they are a delicious addition to chocolate and marshmallows. Final calls brought us bad connections, bad phones, bad stories, bad questions, just bad callers period. Speaking of periods, tell yer mum I said hi and I’ll see her in seven to nine days, OH!the-shining-elevator-blood-o

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