Show Recap for Friday, 11/8/2013

So here we are again, seems like it was just a week ago since we last met. Ellis started off calling us all a bunch of pussies and that makes him hard. And he cries blood, reddragons. They got into the topic that Joanna brought up yesterday by mistake and Josh came clean and it turns out that Carla is married and josh is the boy toy side bitch. The dean cry“friend” that got drugged at Ellismania 9 was actually her husband and that is why she threw such a bitch fit about it. Josh was gonna tell Ellis but he, Jason, and Carla didn’t like each other quickly so he pussed out and didn’t. Basically Rawdog fucked up by not bring honest from the start and nothing pisses Jason off more than lying, but Josh is young and stupid and maybe in the future he will just tell it straight. Thomas Hayden Church called in and gave us his two cents on the entire situation way back from the beginning and spread his wisdom upon us like a busty girl in a bukakke film. And Tully’s wife has two other husbands. bieber_and_ellis

Somehow Ellis thinks that Elvis created Jackass through The Beatles and Pantera, so when you’re laughing at Steve O setting his butthole on fire, thank the King. African travelers were traveling through Africa as African Travelers do, got a delightful video of a warthog at a watering hole. Ellis was on TV yesterday after the show, if you didn’t know that it’s probably because you don’t have Instagram. Everything seemed to go well, behind the scenes and all that shit. He did make some broad all pissy though when he said obesephoto (10) people are stupid. Dr. Drew settled the crowd and reigned in the haters and then brought in a man who knows the ins and outs of fat people, Jerry Springer. Then I started day dreaming about riding Battle Cat on top of all these fucking cars instead of sitting in traffic but was snapped back when they stated talking about pants that made bad asses good and good asses great. Unless your ass is a total train wreck, then like Slipknot said, all hope is gone. That and I want to shove my fingers into my eyes.

Rawdog’s NFL Talk took a slight turn today. Josh a and Tully are going to pick five teams to win and the loser will have to get electrocuted every time Jason fucks up while reading from his book. I was gonna share the picks with you but I don’t give a fuck and if you don’t like that feel free to email a comment to our complaint department at

Pot News. Brandon Coats got fired from Dish after failing a random drug test in Colorado, and he actually needs it unlike your stoner ass. But unfortunately it’s all legit. Even though Colorado legalized it, the Feds haven’t, the fuckin man strikes again. That’s about it for Pot News, next, callers and just general rambling that changes too quick to put in this recap. But go ahead and talk among yourselves, I’ll wait. Now that you’re done chit-chatting its time for Reverse Award nominees. Again, like before I just said fuck it, check out the morning replay on SiriusXM Faction 41 from 6-8am Pacific.

And the award for the Least Creepy goes to...

And the award for the Least Creepy goes to…

Jason Newsted everybody! [applause] Last time Jason visited Jason, Jason had a new EP out and brought it to Jason and Jason loved it. Now Jason came in to Jason’s show to tell Jason about his tours and rockin out and kickin ass. Jason also talked about always performing sober and kickin ass. Also Jason talked about doing a shit ton of shows and kickin ass. Jason also told Jason about kickin ass and kickin ass. Jason also told Jason about Jason’s new video for Jason’s song, King Of The Underdogs on YouTube.

Hey dumbass, now there’s bacon scented deodorant just in case you weren’t enough of a virgin. At this point my Sirius App crapped out but I went to one of my most reliable sources, twitter and I asked, “My Sirius app shit itself after the Newstead interview and bacon deodorant. Anything cool happen with Cory?” These were the replies,

@CrackerStacker6: @AZ_RedDragon there is a kiddie porn ring in Hollywood made up of executives who molest child stars

@bitPimps: @AZ_RedDragon He talked about childhood rape. Said he’s been off hard drugs & alcohol for 20 years, but seemed like he did a few bumps.

@CrackerStacker6: @AZ_RedDragon his song sucks.

@bitPimps: @AZ_RedDragon Blamed Hollywood and media for his downfall, & for his “party” image even though made a video of him partying. He fucks a lot.

@bitPimps: @AZ_RedDragon Has a 9-year-old he’s probably delusional about. And he looks like Skrillex.

@tank_yanker: @AZ_RedDragon just cory… blah blah.. shitty music, Michael Jackson, blah blah…

There you have it folks, the Friday recap. Now you’re at the part where I make a joke about yer mum but it’s Friday and I don’t give a fuck, unlike yer mum, OH!

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