Show Re-cap for Wednesday 10/9/2013

Ellismania is fast approaching for you motherfuckers lucky enough to be able to go. Within two days the Twitter dick and poop jokes will become face to face dick and poop jokes which are sooooo much better. I am jealous of all of you, but I will be drinking just as hard as you only alone. In the dark. Watching my twitter feed and watching it live on I guess I will just cut notches in my thighs for every awesome thing I miss.

Ellis got his shoe situation figured out, he is going to be wearing bright yellow Pacquiao shoes because why the hell not? Katie’s friend was staying over last night and kept calling it Ellispalooza and was ripping on D!D!D! Even Katie was saying Ellis should call it Me-Mania because it’s a giant party all about him. But what she doesn’t understand is the history of Ellismania.

  • It started with just 25 people at Fortune’s gym in LA
  • The next year it was 50 people, but this time they got free tacos
  • It continued (and continues) to grow each year because of the strong commitment by the real OG Ellisfam and all of the new fans they pick up as they get bigger.
  • This year, The Red Dragons are sponsoring the event, and Nick fucking Swardson is fighting Rawdog.
  • This thing is bigger than ever and shows no signs of stopping.
  • I am really jealous of all of you motherfuckers who get to go GOD DAMNIT.

Moving on, Ellis was watching Inkmaster and he knew the guy on there named Jimmy who coincidentally did Rawdog’s tattoo. Supposedly he is a really nice awesome dude who Ellis really likes but doesn’t talk to much anymore.

Next up, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Eric from Stone Temple Pilots showed up. This was pretty much where the energy of the show kind of drained out. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad interview, not awkward or anything, but I’m sorry it was just kind of meh. Ellis and Chester have apparently bumped into each other a few times but Ellis never said hi because Chester was always in the zone about to perform and he didn’t want to be the jackass hollering at him. Then they talked a little bit about how Chester is the new singer of STP and how he has to step in. I just got the feeling from the interview that Chester has sort of given all the same answers to about a hundred people by now on the subject. It’s not Ellis’ fault and he did keep me listening the whole time, but when you are a lead singer of a mega famous band and then all of a sudden you are the lead singer of another world famous band from 20 years ago, there isn’t much else to talk about. Like I said, it wasn’t a bad interview, and it kept me listening the whole time. It just had a big meh feel to it. One thing I will definitely say for Ellis is that he managed to get the whole interview without screaming  “CRAWWWWWLINNGGG IN MEEEEEE SKEEEEENN” Which had to be fucking tough to do, so good on ya.

Ellis still had some tickets to give away for Ellismania so he went to the phones, but the first dude was overly adamant that he wasn’t Mexican, almost bordering on racism so he was out. The next dude however worked with a bunch of Mexicans and he loves them, so he won. Cumtard came into the studio today to play the new signature segment “Tard that Tune” where he gets really stoned and mimics songs using only his mouth in a super tarded way and the guys have to guess. It was a lot funnier than it was the time before, but like the first time I re-capped this game, it’s really hard to relay exactly how something like this goes in word format. So ya know, onDemand if you care.

For some inexplicable reason people still don’t understand final calls. At the very least, they don’t understand that when Ellis says “Don’t Die” they have the stage to millions of people to say whatever the hell comes to mind. And the ones who seem to understand it just scream indiscriminately over the phone about dumb shit and aren’t interesting at all. Well, here is @Stapleneck to the rescue to show motherfuckers how it is done, so shoutout to that motherfucker.

  • Tickets to Ellismania are still available if you want to go
  • Wolfknive meeting is on Saturday, you will receive an email letting you know where it is, and if you don’t, find another Wolfknive and they will help you out.
  • Live show by the pool Friday at noon
  • D!D!D! concert Friday night
  • Ellismania Saturday night is available to watch on if you sign up and pay the man.
  • Middle fingers to all of you who are going, I am jealous as hell and will be cutting myself to ease the pain Saturday night.

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