Show Re-cap for Friday 10/18/2013

It’s Friday and by now everybody that was at EM9 has full blown EMAIDS and the only cute is to drink copious amounts of alcohol this weekend. Speaking of being drunk and belligerent, [segway] Mel Gibson is the most understood person ever. He doesn’t “hate” the Jews, he just thinks they control all the money and are responsible for all the wars and that they killed Jesus. However his use of words like Heebs, oven dodgers, Jew boys, beanie heads, etc. doesn’t fare well. He does hate the Christian Church though, mainly because he’s simply bat shit crazy. Enough of that shit, on to more important issues, Jason’s ankles are swollen from EllisMania and Josh is having a hard time getting out of bed. That one chick that was supposed to be on yesterday from

she sings from the throat, deep, throat.

she sings from the throat, deep, throat.

IWasAWrestlingBearOnce was really nice and you should check her and her band out. Mike “The Potato Muncher” Tully is going to become an Irish citizen, a gift he got from his drunken soccer loving family. Ellis is going to Panama, Tully is going to Mexico, and Josh will be spending his vacation keeping guard over his girlfriends drink. With the birth of the latest addition of the Ellis clan Jason is now being pressured to go back to Australia but he’s not sure if he’s ready to go back yet.

Chrisann Brennan wrote a book about bobbin the knob of Steve Jobs. Hey that almost rhymed, I kick ass! Back to talking about Chrisann taking Jobs’s job. I guess they were really good at fucking each other and all that bullshit. Speaking of bullshit [segway] Will is

I'm pretending this apple is your carnival.

I’m pretending this apple is your carnival.

pissed because the TV isn’t working right and this is a professional radio show damnit! Then somehow the conversation turned to talking about kids and adopted kids and kids with fucked up junkie parents. It was hilarious. Not really but it’s Friday and I don’t give a fuck. Hey wanna know what’s cool? Mulan wants to scissor dance cookie wiggle with Sleeping Beauty. So hot. They then watched Rawdog’s fight for the first time and this was the best Josh has ever looked. It’s not saying much but it was an aggressive show of manliness and dick punches. Ellis is open to hearing arguments for having EllisMania somewhere other than Vegas. I’m not going to get into it because I’m incredibly biased on the subject.

Recent studies have shown that thongs are natures delivery system of eww from the

Still sexy, but gross. Damn doctors ruin everything good.

Still sexy, but gross. Damn doctors ruin everything good.

pooper to the cooter. ASAP Rocky slapped a hoe and she tried to have him arrested but she doesn’t know his address, sucks to be her. But more importantly thanks to the Airplane Ninja, TSA rules say that you can bring a one quart bag of three ounce liquids onto a plane which means, PAR-TAY!!!! A bunch of liars in the Himalayas got drunk and probably high and think they found Yeti bones. But thanks to science, it was just an ancient polar bear, too bad it was too dead to eat these fucktards. Some dude with a name I can’t pronounce cut a hole in a restaurant with a chainsaw after they kicked him out because they were closing and wouldn’t let him finish his chocolate pudding. Moral of the story, don’t fuck with a mans puddin. Ladies and Gentleman, good friend of the show, SLASH! [applause] Slash came in to talk about the movie he produced for the first time ever. He loved, he learned, he laughed, he cried, he said fuck this shit I’m out, and he made the best horror movie that he has ever made before! You should check it out. Wanna know more cool shit about Slash? Then you came to the right place. He snuck booze into the White House during the Clinton administration for a New Year’s Eve party. He also saw the Lakers in the airport. And his new movie is called Nothing Left To Fear. Now that you know everything there is to know about Slash let’s move on. They went over the list of horror movie villains and decided if they would be sketched out by them or not.
After a very late and well deserved break Katie joined the show so her and Tully can do their Onnit Look Good Naked Challenge. This is the final workout and by far the most difficult. Both of them completed the challenge with moans grunts and squeals only to be brought to a dead halt by Cheese, much like a night with yer mum, OH!

If your’e looking for something to do check out the Fuck Cancer charity ride in Las Vagas Nevada presented by Carey Hart and Hart & Huntington Tattoo!

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