TJES & Commercials by bitPimps

So I tweeted today after the show concerning commercials and The Jason Ellis Show, and a possible new dedicated channel that is yet to be officially announced. This snowballed into a conversation with others that I felt may have gotten a little misconstrued, due to the 140 character limit on Twitter. It’s hard to convey exact emotions sometimes when you’re so limited. So I thought I would explain myself further here, and clarify my statements. Call it one of the perks of running and writing on No You Are.

@EllisMate @RadioTFB @possiblytully Better not do too many commercials. Fuck that shit.

This led to some other’s tweeting about commercials, which I had responded to a few of those tweets. Basically, my stance is this: Does TJES and it’s cast deserve more recognition and money? Absolutely. Do I want Ellis, Tully, Josh, Will, Cullen, The Jingleberries, and whoever else is part of their team, to succeed? Of course I do. Do I understand that TJES was and has been severely under budgeted? Yes. So why my concerns about “too many commercials”? Simple. Kind of. The short of it is that I don’t see music breaks the same as commercials. I don’t think anyone can doubt my love for the show. That same love is why I’d prefer to have 6 breaks in 4 hours, over 18 breaks in 4 hours. (Those are made-up numbers, I have no idea what the numbers would be.) I don’t want the show that I love to be totally different. But I think Ellis knows what his audience expects and I don’t think he’ll let his show get decimated. That is my hope, and that is all I wanted to say. Dude, is that gay? DING.

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