Show Re-cap For Thursday 1/31/2013

All it takes to fuck....

All it takes to fuck….

It’s Thursday, but not just any Thursday – Its Rawdog’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday and #JewDragons to you my furry little friend.  Well, I guess his birthday wish came true, and it was to take the day off cause we had a Best Of today!  It was either due to that, or cause Ellis is sick again, either got the Aids or the gay, kinda hard to tell really.  So no Ellis Rawdog or Tully today, just whatever Backbone has thrown together for us.  Kinda got take what you can get on a day like this, or like when I’m blacked out drunk, vomit over my freshly knitted sweater, and just gotta get this nut off – so take what I can get…….your Grandmama, OH!

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