Show Re-cap For Friday 1/25/2013

You are you but the real question is who were you before you were you? Who will you be after you are you, will you be a mellow lake turtle that doesn’t get fucked with? Or will you be a frost bitten wolf who has to fight for food? The answer is “Fuck It,” it’s Friday and nobody gives a shit. But no matter what be sure you have your posse with you to take care of biz-nas biz-nas! There you go folks, your shitty GetAttachmentjoke of the day. The Dee Snider roast was yesterday and Ellis went to it and then realized that it is a Revolver Magazine event and also Jose Mangin was there. This is not a problem for most regular folks, but the Wing has talked major crap on both of these jack wagons and then kinda felt bad for the shit he said. Our young wing is growing up right in front of our eyes. Ever wonder why Hatebreen isn’t on the show? Then you probably wonder why your sister won’t make out with you either. But seriously, the guest list for the show is based upon what Jason gives a fuck about and he don’t give a fuck about shit that he don’t give a fuck about! Oh, and also because the Priests kept diddaling kids in the name of God, we decided to change the name of God to Barry, so all hail Satan.

American Idol is getting sued because they are racist, except for the black judge, and that one black dude that almost won, but other than that, they hate the black man. If you think that’s bad then you should see the shit Google is spewing out! The boys played the Google Auto Complete Game, Racist edition. Some of the questions were, Why are retards…, Why are Canadians…, Why are Japanese men…, and Why are minorities… Speaking of retarded minorities, this political dude in Colorado had to smoke a fatty because he made a bet that he would if Colorado passed the medical marijuana bill. The bill passed so now he had to puff puff pass in front of some movie dude who was making a documentary. GetAttachment (1)

Are you a chick with a box, and does this box have a massive clit on it? Well then your ass should have called into the show today to get that Clit Off Your Box! (cue the shitty game show music).  In today’s episode of Get The Clit Off Your Box we heard from a hard times hooker, a girl with a boyfriend who wanted the back door GetAttachment fjamboree, creepy career advancement attempts, awkward finger on family fondling  a tax return gigolo, and a pre-ejaculating cuddler. It was very entertaining and this segment is quickly becoming one of my favorites. There’s a new drug on the market that will make it so you can stay up for days and not feel tired or have a headache called Modaffodil or something, I don’t fucking care, I still prefer the old fashioned way, Jolt Cola and crack.

You sir are a moron, no not you, the game. The game where the only one that seems to be the moron is Rawdog and his Anteater salad tossing fetish. This was the first time that they let a caller be in on the fun and surprisingly enough the callers did alright once things got going. I hope to see this again. What else was surprising was that I saw yer mum working at the greasy spoon down the road. She is a cook there, but when I asked her what today’s special was, she ripped off her pants, spread eagle, and said, “Roast Beef with gravy,” OH!

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