Show Re-cap For Friday 11/16/2012

Never say never goodbye again die? I don’t know, I don’t care, hell it’s Friday, I don’t give a fuck! Ellis got his mouth busted up by Katie. No, she wasn’t looking for another prostate access, Ellis was teaching her to uppercut and unbeknownst to him, she uppercutted him. The tranny in the A6K went out, the transmission, not the she-male in the back seat. Ellis might sell it to a listener but he doesn’t know yet. Rawdog spent the entire afternoon yesterday at Jason’s house doing “things.” He was filming an episode of “Doing Things With Rawdog” for Some of the things he did was an Ollie, baked a cake, and put in a tampon. After that Ellis was wondering where he should take his kids. Lego Land sounded cool, Chuck E Cheese is close, but Vegas, Vegas has everything a kid could want. Roller coasters, great food, arcades, strip clubs. Good times. Then the great debate began of what truck Ellis should buy. Chevy? Ford? Dodge? Only time will tell.

Somebody sent Ellis a skate video called Magical. And in Hollywood News, Justin Bieber is still gash smashin Selena Gomez, somebody didn’t use their teet in a sex scene, ironically Lindsay Lohan suck dick in Liz & Dick, and there’s some shit with the Kardshians. Pen Jillette came into the studio and was talking about his pot advocacy stance, balls, knees to the balls, passing out from strikes to the balls, and vasectomies. Oh, and he also recommended that Rawdog drink blue Gatorade before he deep throat the equine equipment.

Apparently IKEA is selling furniture made by imprisoned people from 40 years ago. Some lady has a demonized toaster. And this chick thought that the higher she gets, the skinnier she gets. Which led us to another epic installment of “Women, Am I Right?” There were too many to mention but I highly recommend listening to the replay. If your a fatty then today is a day of mourning after hearing the news that Hostess is dissolving its company. Not much happened in the show after this point. Probably because nobody gives a fuck. It’s the rule. Girls can be married and still bi, but dudes can’t. Some fat dudes stole shit from Walmart in their fat folds. Canada thinks they’re tough shit with all their ice and geese and hockey. Ellis revealed that he talked to his brother Lee. And somehow the conversation turned to being a gay prostitute. Final calls weren’t much better. Shit about eating dinosaurs, green cards, Chevy trucks, fat chicks birthdays, hot shots, protien bars, and some dude doing beat box. Just shows how old I am, when I was growing up the “beat box” was just yer mum, OH!

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