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I have asked for the EllisFam to do a small 8 question interview so that we may get to know one another and how The Jason Ellis Show has changed or impacted our lives. These are their reply’s, unedited and all in their own words. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and thank you to everyone who participated. Without you all this wouldn’t be possible.

John (@johntheroofer73)

  1. Where do you live? Red Hill, Alabama
  2. What is your occupation? Superintendent for a roofing company
  3. Tell me a little about yourself. I’ve been married for 20 years,we have 3 children 18,16 boys & 8 my baby girl. I’m 39 & been roofing for 21 years. 11 of those years I was self employed. I also owned & operated a retail sea food company for a short time. I hunt,fish&garden among other outdoors activities.I’m pretty outspoken & I call it like I see it. I was a volunteer trained & certified firefighter/ first responder from ’96-02. Graduated the fire college in 97.
  4. How long have you listened to TJES? December 07. I got a new work truck equipped with XM.
  5. How did you discover TJES? I listen to metal so as I’m surfing the channels I stop on faction because Metallica is playing. Then I here this outback voice, catch his name & remember he was a vert dude from the day.
  6. What keeps you listening to TJES? The funny stuff they do. Like Bisping voice, the interns & the action sports life style.
  7. Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How? Helped me make up my mind to quit cigarettes for the second & final time. If I quit cold turkey so can all of you.
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share? I would like to meet more #EllisFam hopefully & EM9 or which everyone works so I can visit my brother in Maui. I’ve only met 1 #EllisFam & he is Gerald aka @Cornbread_RDS . #StayFrosty my friends.

The D #ellisfam (@fm_fan2012)

  1. Where do you live? Right now I live in DC but fucking hate it and the East Coast.  I’m moving back to Portland, OR next month and it can’t happen soon enough.
  2. What is your occupation? Right now I’m Active Duty in the US Army.  That’s why I’m in DC.  But pretty soon I’m going to be a broke Graduate Student getting my Masters Degree in Sociology.  That’ll be fun.
  3. Tell me a little about yourself. I’m married, 29 and have a dog.  I’m in the #WolfKnives, I am The White Power Ranger.  I’ve been in the military 11 years.  I’m from the West Coast and can’t wait to move back.  My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I pray every night that the cast of the Jersey Shore gets leprosy.
  4. How long have you listened to TJES? I’ve listened to TJES since May 2010.  Not near as long as some folks but I do my best to listen every day.
  5. How did you discover TJES? I was driving across the country and flipping through my new Sirius radio in my car.  I’m pretty sure they were kicking someone or maybe interviewing a porn star.  It caught my attention and I was hooked.
  6. What keeps you listening to TJES? Ellis’ commitment to his fans and RawDog.  I was a lot like RawDog growing up.  Nerdy, smallish, weak, awkward with girls.  And I had a friend that was like Jason.  He kicked my ass in gear, made me work out, gain some confidence and grow up.  The dynamic between Jason, RawDog and Tully is fantastic.  Fuck Tully
  7. Has the show changed or impacted you life in any way? How? The show has definitely impacted me.  It’s motivated me to train in Muay Thai.  It’s pushed me to run a 1/2 marathon and never quit.  The show has also showed me that people all over the place have it rough but we all have that in common and we’re all a lot tougher than we think.
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share? Being part of #EllisFam is great.  Outsiders don’t get it but we really are a family.  No one’s a stranger even if I’ve never met you.  It’s the most dysfunctional, hardcore family on Earth and it’s awesome.


If you would like to be apart of the EllisFam Interviews, please contact me (@Az_RedDragon) through twitter and I will send the interview to you.

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