The Apocalypse 6000 (Photos)

There has been a lot of discussion on the show lately about the A6k. Reliability in recent years has become a concern. Electrical issues, transmission problems, and most recently a near fire have made Jason question whether he should keep it.

Despite all the problems, the history and iconic status of this truck can not denied. Built by Steve Hock, it was rushed to completion in time for the 2008 SEMA show. From there it became the co-star in the Taintstick “Monkeys of War” music video, got it’s own Taintstick song “A6K”, was featured in both Dub Magazine & Street Trucks Magazine , inspired a limited edition Hardlucks King guitar, and is the tow/haul vehicle for Motosaki & Boatosaki. Let’s take a look back at a photo history of this amazing truck.

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