Show Re-cap For Thursday 7/12/2012

Since nobody is listening to the Ellis show then nobody is reading this. Now I finally feel free to let loose my deepest darkest secret, I once rode a Moped. Wow what a relief, I am finally free. Thanks to modern and future modern medicine we might start living until we’re about 100 years old! That’s a long fucking time, I’d rather live to 80 and never know the joys of shitting into a plastic bag. Ellis got the call that the A6K is fixed, again, and Katie is going to drive it back to LA from Vegas. Some people have been bitching about Ellis selling things like the Wolfknives,, Ellismania, and other stuff. I agree, what a bunch of bull, what gives someone the right to make money where money is to be made. This is ridiculous and Unamerican. Fuck off you pompous pricks who bitch about this, next time go to your favorite sports team and bitch about the stuff they’re trying to sell you. There was a MMA fight and they talked about it, someone one. That’s all I remember. More MMA news though, Shane Carwin and Roy “Big Country” Nelson will be the coaches of next seasons The Ultimate Fighter.

EllisFam in Vegas, there will be Monsoons and for those that aren’t Desert Rats, this means rain and lightning, but you’ll be drunk and won’t give a fuck. Somebody wrote something about Swamp People being a bad show, that guy can fuck off also. Don’t bitch about something until you fully know the reasons behind it, not to mention that is a great way to look into the lives of people with a very different culture. The Wolfknifes are NOT a motorcycle club so no worries about other clubs gettin’ all up in our turf, we can just get back on our scooters and ride away.

Hey guys, Propecia will fuck up your junk, just get a hat. Tully is 35 today, so happy birthday you sarcastic fuck. Ellis brought in a giant dick cake that Tully couldn’t resist deep throating, up to the balls I heard! Rawdog bought him that book about some Burping kid who died and saw his salamander sister in heaven and then came back to life. Also for his birthday he brought us yet another new episode of Women, Am I Right? and again, I am memorized at all the crazy shit women do. Please ladies, just stop, its for your own good. One of the stories was about a middle aged lady, naked and spread eagle, passed out in her front yard. This reminds me of the time yer mum passed out naked in my yard, the grass still won’t grow in the spot where her crusty jizz catcher was, OH!

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    • I disagree, everything I see on TV or in the arena is sponsors ads. This is how the organizations make money, how they pay their players. They may not be saying, but Pepsi gets a lot of air time. Ellis doesn’t have “sponsors” like Stern, he is his own revenue generator. This may change in the future but for now it’s what he has to do.

      And on a side note, thanks for replying, I love hearing feedback and interacting.

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