Show Re-cap For Thursday 5/17/2012

Ones fear often can be debilitating and incredibly difficult to overcome.  However today we learned a simple, rather effective solution to this fear, get punched in the face.  Yes folks it’s that simple, just go to your local gym or boxing center and find the biggest guy there and have him punch you in the face.  According to Jason Ellis this is the only method that he uses. This message has been brought to you by your local Rhinoplasty Center.  Ellis is taking the A6K to West Coast Customs today and it will be very interesting to see what the guys will do with it.  My guess is that it is going to be the loudest truck on Sunset Blvd as it blasts the Sponge Bob song. Gangsta.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson came into the studio today.  He has his very own app out on the market that “measures the strength of your punch.”  I understand that there is a lot of development, and research that goes into such a scientific device, but when Rawdog gets a respectable score with his spaghetti arm girl punches, I become a bit suspicious. After the discussion about the app and all is wonderment the talk naturally turned to MMA, MMA fighters, and other MMA stuff. If your a die hard MMA fan then you should definatly catch the replay in the morning.

Gay rights was discussed on the show today also and Ellis, Tuly, and Josh would like to make shirts to support gay rights with the procedes going to the cause. The biggest question was, “What should they say?”  This was another shining moment for the EllisFam to flex and off they went. There were many great ideas, some funny, some gross, and some that I wish I never heard. It was great.  The favorite pick was “Maraige is gay” which came in strong at the end to win it all. Congratulations for wining nothing who ever you are but thank you for playing.

My phone app kept repeating the show right before final calls, but I’m sure I didn’t miss much.  It also appears that Crazy Slut Magazine is now on Twitter (Yes, I’ve been under a rock). I highly reccomend following them, unless your worried about seeing your mom on the cover. Don’t worry, it not Disgusting Vaginas With Syphilis Magazine, OH!

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